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Math Placement

Math Placement and Testing

The Mathematical and Statistical Science department has mechanisms to determine which math course students are prepared to take.  They also provide ways for students to improve their math skills and to become better prepared for certain classes. 

Some of the pre-requisite exams which can be used to evaluate skill levels include: the SAT Math score, ACT Math score, MyMathTest, and ALEKS. Specific recommended scores for individual classes are established by the Math Department. For further details about math placement, training and testing visit the Mathematical and Statistical Science website .

Prerequisites as of March 2010:

MATH 1010 (Math for Liberal Arts) and 2830 (Introductory Statistics): Two years of High School Algebra is required.

MATH 1130 (Precalculus): Recommended: college algebra and college trigonometry. This class is specifically designed for students wanting to go on to take take MATH 1401. In order to use this as a prerequisite for MATH 1401, a C or better is required in 1130.

MATH 1070 (Algebra for Social Sciences and Business) & MATH 1110 (College Algebra):   requirements below are recommendations only.  Prerequisites are not enforced.  During the first week of classes students will be given an assessment exam and will be advised based on the results of the test. 

MATH 1401 (Calculus I):  Students must meet one of the requirements in order to register.


MATH 1070

MATH 1110

MATH 1401









AP Calculus (AB or BC)

Test score of at least 3

Test score of  at least 3     

AP Calculus credit on your transcript


Prep for Algebra: 17/25

Prep for Algebra: 17/25

Prep for Calculus: 17/25

Accuplacer *

Elementary Algebra test:  85

Elementary Algebra test:  85

College Level Math test: 80


* Accuplacer is no longer offered at the University of Colorado Denver.

NOTE:  in order to take Calculus I, MATH 1401, students must meet one of the prerequisite requirements before registering for the course. For students who have not already met one of the prerequisite requirements it is important to consider taking the MyMathTest or utilizing the Alek’s software early so there will be plenty of time to review material and, if necessary, re-take the exam before registering for classes.

Other Math Classes:  Students must meet the prerequisite course requirement to register online.   For exceptions, students must appeal to the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, 303-556-8442.