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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Graduate Options in WGST

Master of Social Science Degree - Women's and Gender Studies Track

MSS WGST Track Requirements:

Students in the MSS program may pursue a concentration in Women's and Gender Studies through the WGST Track. Of the 36 credit hours of graduate course work required for the MSS degree, at least 24 hours must be distributed as follows:

MSS Core Seminars in the Social Sciences (9 credit hours)
Examination of philosophical, research, and methodological issues in the social sciences and classical questions in social thought.  Three courses.

Feminist Theory Seminar (3 credit hours)
Offered through any CLAS discipline with the approval of your advisor. One course.

Women’s Studies or Gender and Identity-Related Courses (minimum of 9 credit hours)
These courses may or may not be explicitly gender courses based on their titles, but if the student writes a final paper on a gender-related topic, the course may be counted toward the certificate requirements based on the discretion of your advisor or the program director.  Two or more courses.

Women’s Studies Internship (Optional. 3 credit hours)
Work in the community that concerns gender issues, on a paid or volunteer basis, supplemented with written work reflecting on the scholarly aspects of the experience under the supervision of a faculty member.

Thesis or Project on a Women’s Studies or Gender-Related Topic (3-6 credit hours)
Research project or thesis under the supervision of a three-member faculty committee. 

Modifications to the program outlined above are possible with the approval of a faculty advisor or the program director.  For example, additional coursework could be substituted for the internship.

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For further information, please contact Dr. Margaret Woodhull, Director, Master of Humanties program, e-mail