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Social Justice Courses

​Introductory Core Course: (3 credits)
  • ​​Social Science Option: SJUS 2000- Democratic Participation and Social Justice
    Examines how well the United States, Colorado and Denver are doing in addressing issues of social justice, such as inequality and environmental degradation. Explores various modes of democratic participation--electoral politics, community activism, and lifestyle changes--in advancing social justice. Example of SJUS 2000 Syllabus.pdfExample of SJUS 2000 Syllabus

  • Humanities Option: SJUS 2010- Social Justice: Theories, Narratives, and Technologies
    How can citizens of a democracy address social justice issues? This course examines theoretical perspectives relevant to social justice, the narratives which express and question social order, and the technologies which alternately shape and reflect local, regional, and global cultures. Example of SJUS 2010 Flyer.pdfExample of SJUS 2010 Flyer

Social Justice Electives: (9 credits)

​Community Internship: (3 credits)

  • ​​An opportunity for experiential learning, approved by the Director.

Social Justice Capstone Course: (3 credits)
  • ​(SJUS 4000) This course is required for all students with a minor in Social Justice. Students who are planning to take SSC 4000 should meet with the faculty member(s) teaching this course before the beginning of the semester to develop a plan for the research project to be undertaken in the course.

  • Social Justice Capstone Course Objectives.pdfSocial Justice Capstone Course Objectives