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Social Justice

About the Social Justice Signature Area Minor

A recent Carnegie Corporation report writes about the task of the university to prepare students to live lives of responsible leadership, thoughtful citizenship and productive work:

To prepare all students for effective participation in today’s society we need a contemporary curriculum bridging the arts and sciences and the professional disciplines, connecting the past to the future and theory to experience, providing the basis for conversation across cultural differences and professional specialization, and developing the capacity for critical inquiry and understanding (Carnegie Corporation 2000).

Responding to this call, a group of UCD faculty in the social sciences and humanities have developed the “Social Justice” signature area: a minor with associated scholarly events. Social Justice’s interdisciplinary theme empowers students to acquire the intellectual tools and moral commitment to participate effectively and responsibly in the world.

Engaging topics such as democracy, education, consumerism, media, race, class, and gender, students acquire the intellectual tools to investigate, and the practical knowledge to affect, how these systems, practices, and identities actually interact in our dynamic world. In the classroom and in service to the community, students thereby gain the ability to face 21st century challenges with intelligence and moral courage.

***If you would like to enroll in the Social Justice Minor and are a CU Denver student​ majoring in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, you may print and fill out this Minor Declaration form and meet with your CLAS advisor​​ for approval: Major Minor Change Declaration.pdfMajor Minor Change Declaration Form.pdf. If your major is not part of CLAS (i.e., College of Business), see your advisor for more information on how to declare a minor in Social Justice.***

       The $1000 Social Justice Activist Scholarship

Administered by the CLAS Social Justice Minor at UCD


The Social Justice Activist Scholarship is designed to support CLAS Social Justice Minors who are actively engaged in efforts to support positive social change in areas of social justice, such as environmental sustainability, human rights, peace, gender and racial justice, GLBTQ rights, and economic justice. If eligible Social Justice Minors are not in the applicant pool by the  submission deadline, non-minors meeting the criteria below will be considered. See the application form for more details.​

  The Social Justice Activist Scholarship Application Form​


 Signature Area Flyer