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Teaching Scholarships

Program Benefits

Noyce Scholars are enrolled in the Urban Community Teacher Education (UCTE) Program in the School of Education and Human Development (SEHD) at University of Colorado Denver. They follow a nearly identical course and internship schedule as other students in SEHD. The difference is in the additional support and benefits Noyce Scholars receive, including:

  • Financial Support: Noyce Scholars are eligible to receive awards for up to two years in the amount of $14,000/year (math) or $12,000/year (science) for undergraduates. Post-baccalaureate students receive funding to cover up to one year of attendance.  
  • Personalized Mentoring: Each Noyce Scholar receives one-on-one support from a Noyce Mentor. The Mentor is a veteran teacher who has expertise in science and/or math instruction. Classroom observations, discussions, and regularly scheduled meetings provide Noyce a unique opportunity to ask questions, practice new instructional strategies, and seek advice. 
  • Seminar Series: Noyce Scholars participate in a bimonthly hour-long seminar. Topics vary based on the needs of the scholars, and are designed to complement and enhance their other coursework. Topics may explore math and science issues in more depth, or provide focused time on teaching strategies they find challenging.
  • Profressional Development: In addition to the seminars, Noyce Scholars are often invited to attend and even present at regional and national conferences. Some recent conferneces that students have attended, all expenses paid, include the National Noyce Teacher Scholarship conference in Washington, D.C., and The Colorado Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
  • Cohort and Community Support: With the cohort model, Noyce scholars are able to get to know their fellow math and science teaching candidates through the bi-monthly seminar and Noyce-sponsored events. They also have the opportunity to get to know the six faculty members on the Leadership Team. 
  • Internship Placement: The Noyce Program partners with Aurora Public Schools to provide internship placements for the scholars. APS is one of UCTE's Professional Development Schools, and Noyce Scholars have access to some of the top math and science teachers in the district.

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Program Requirements

  • The goal of the Robert F. Noyce Teaching Scholarship Program is to increase the number of talented students pursuing STEM teaching careers in underserved communities. To accomplish this goal, all Noyce Scholars must teach for two years in a high needs setting per year of financial support awarded.
  • Noyce Scholars must attend the bimonthly seminars.
  • Noyce Scholars must dedicate eight hours per semester to help with program recruiting efforts.

Eligibility Requirements

The Noyce Scholars include some of the best and brightest STEM students. All applicants must:

  • be a United States citizen, national, or permanent resident at the time of application.
  • demonstrate financial need.
  • have a minimum GPA (overall and in major) of 3.0.
  • enroll full time at CU Denver (minimum 12 credits per semester).

  • be a current math or science major OR have appropriate credits in math and science as a baccalaureate.
  • be on track to complete the requirements of the secondary science or math certifications within two years.
  • demonstrate a commitment to pursue a teaching career in a high needs school district and to meeting the employment conditions of the Noyce Scholarship Program.
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