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Hosa: Future Health Professionals Club

Hosa: Future Health Professionals 
Anyone with a health career interest is invited to join the UCD Hosa: Future Health Professionals Club! Join UCD Hosa on the CU Denver OrgSync at to become a member of the club. Also if you have a Facebook, stay updated by joining the UCD Hosa group at To become an official member of state and national Hosa, a $20 membership fee is collected at the beginnings of each academic semester. This allows for attendance to conferences and ability to apply for scholarships. 
Hosa: Future Health Professionals is a nationwide student organization and a part of the Career and Technical Student Organizations. Its goal is to better health care by first bettering the students going into health careers. Hosa focuses on building students' confidence in their abilities and helping them grow as an adult. 
As a club, we will be participating in meetings, events, workshops, community service projects, financial leadership activities, and more. The club's main goal is deliver to the students personally, meaning we take the requests and ideas of the students and bring it to them to help them learn and grow. For example, we conducted an intro suturing workshop that was targeted for a student who wants to be a surgeon. We also had current medical students come in to talk to the pre-med students.  
At a larger scale, the club will also be attending the state and nationwide conferences. There is the fall, state, and national conferences. At fall, there is always an event (ex. Nuggets games in the past), motivational speakers, and numerous workshops and symposiums. State is much larger and over a few days that include the symposiums and workshops, along with more speakers and the famous competitions. The competitions are in all areas of the health care field from CNA skills to medical debate to job seeking skills. Fall and state hold hundreds of Colorado students from grades in middle school to college. If students place in the top three in their competitions, they are eligible to attend the national conference to compete with thousands of students and be presented with even more events and activities do to at the conference, also a few days long. Nationals is held in a different location every year, from Anaheim California to Orlando Florida to Nashville Tennessee.  
I have been a part of Hosa for four years, two of which I have held a state officer position and am now an adult staff member helping run Hosa for the entire state of Colorado. I enjoyed my time in Hosa so much that I decided to create a Hosa club at UCD and proudly have this 2013 year. The personal growth I experience in Hosa I will bring with me my entire life. I learned how to speak, lead, plan, organize, work as a team, be professional, and so much more. It brought me out of my shell and exposed me to new experiences. Not only all the personal growth, Hosa also built my resume with the community service, events, leadership positions, medals, and awards I won. One of my favorite memories is that of the trip with my classmates my junior year of high school to Anahiem California, being able to have fun, explore, and meet thousands of students just like me from all around the country. Though I am biased, I highly recommend joining the UCD Hosa Club to see what all you can take from it. 
My email is if you have any questions. I hope to see you soon in UCD Hosa! 
Kirsten DeKoster CNA
UCD Hosa President
University of Colorado Denver