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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Student Resources

Career Planning


The University of Colorado Denver provides free career counseling for students. The staff at the UCD Career Center are eager to provide assistance with developing your career. For information about career planning, contact the UC Denver Career Center in the Tivoli room 260. Contact Sarah Trzeciak, M.S., 303.556.2250 or view the web page at

Researching Opportunities

One key to planning your career is finding out what possibilities exist. The following published guides present a good starting point for researching careers in International Affairs, International Studies and International Business. Besides government and private sector jobs the books contain information about Non-government Organizations, international organizations and aid agencies. Many of these guides are available in the reference section of the Auraria Library.

Careers in International Affairs, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

Guide to Careers in World Affairs, Foreign Policy Association, New York, New York.

Guide to International Affairs Internships, Edited by Bruce Seymore II and Matthew T. Higham, ACCESS, Washington D.C.

International Jobs: Where They Are, How to Get Them, Eric Kocher, Nina Segal, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, New York, New York.

American Jobs Abroad, Victoria Harlow and Edward Knappman, Gale Researc International, Detroit, Washington, London

Jobs Worldwide, David Lay, Benedict Leerburger, Impact Publications, Manassas VA

International Jobs Directory, Ronald L. Krannich, Caryl Rae Krannich, Impact Publications, Manassas VA

Internships in Foreign Policy and Defense, Women in International Security, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland.

In addition, students will find extensive information on international business and international business education on the University of Colorado Denver IIB-CIBER website.

Internet Research

Below are some useful sites run by different career centers at Universities around the country. Many of them have links to sites listing job openings. The inclusion of them here should not be taken as an endorsement, nor do they have any connection to the University of Colorado Denver.

download pdf of CU Boulder international careers information

Students interested in International work should also think about Internship opporunities. Below are some websites with internship information. Again, these sites are not endorsed by the University nor do they have any connection to this institution.