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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Degree Concentrations

Regional Societies and History

Students in this concentration are expected to develop a historical understanding of how societies and political systems develop. This concentration provides a humanities-based approach to understanding the historical and cultural logic driving the world’s nations. Courses taken to complete this track do not all have to be focused on the same world region.  Twelve credit hours.

Below is a list of the vast majority of courses that count toward this concentration. These are reflected in the CU Denver course catalog (and in your major degree audit). Students should consult the list of courses for the current semester "current course offerings​" on the webpage for any additional new courses.​​

  • ANTH 4220-3 Community in Global Context
  • ANTH 4250-3 Culture change in the Modern World
  • ANTH 4740-3 Ethnography of Mexico and Central America
  • HIST 3350-3 Colonial Latin America
  • HIST 3451-3 Introduction to African History (if not taken to fulfill Introductory requirements)
  • HIST 3460-3 Introduction to Latin American History (if not taken to fulfill Introductory requirements)
  • HIST 3470-3 Introduction to Asian History (if not taken to fulfill Introductory requirements)
  • HIST 3480-3 Introduction to European History (if not taken to fulfill Introductory requirements)
  • HIST 3500-3 African History in Novels and Films
  • HIST 4024-3 Nineteenth Century Europe
  • HIST 4025-3 Twentieth Century Europe
  • HIST 4027-3 The Enlightenment: Eighteenth Century Intellectual History
  • HIST 4028-3 After the Revolution: Nineteenth Century Intellectual History
  • HIST 4029-3 Fin de Siecle: Late Nineteenth & Early Twentieth Century
  • HIST 4046-3 Victorians and Victorianism
  • HIST 4047-3 The Identity of Britain in Text and Film: 1945 to the Present
  • HIST 4051-3 Great Britain: 1760-1914
  • HIST 4055-3 Atlantic Slave Trade: Africa, Caribbean and United States
  • HIST 4062-3 Modern France
  • HIST 4071-3 Modern Germany
  • HIST 4074-3 Post-War Germany
  • HIST 4082-3 Reform and Revolution in Russia: the 1860s to 1917
  • HIST 4083-3 Russia since 1917
  • HIST 4303-3 Gender and Society (Europe)
  • HIST 4411-3 Modern Mexico
  • HIST 4414-3 Nationalism and State Building in Latin America, 1750-1850
  • HIST 4415-3 Social Revolutions in Latin America
  • HIST 4421-3 Modern China
  • HIST 4451-3 Southern Africa
  • HIST 4455-3 The African Struggle for Independence
  • HIST 4461-3 The Modern Middle East
  • HIST 4621-3 Explorers and Exploration
  • GEOG 3120-3 Europe
  • GEOG 3130-3 Central America and the Caribbean
  • GEOG 3140-3 South America
  • GEOG 3150-3 The Middle East
  • P SC 4155-3 Political Systems of the Middle East
  • P SC 4165-3 Islamic Politics and Culture
  • P SC 4605-3 Politics and Government of South Asia
  • P SC 4615-3 Politics and Government of China
  • P SC 4175-3 Politics and Governments of the Pacific Rim
  • P SC 4505-3 The Post-Soviet World: Origins and Present Condition
  • P SC 4554-3 Latino Politics
  • RLST 3500-3 Religions of India
  • RLST 3200/ ETST 3224-3 Middle East Culture and Religion
  • RLST 3660/ PHIL 3981-3 Chinese philosophy
  • RLST 3400/ PHIL 3666-3 Asian Philosophies and Religions