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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Degree Concentrations

International Commerce


The objective of this concentration is to give students an introduction to international business practices. It offers students the opportunity to study the basic skills of international commerce in the Business school.

Note: this concentration requires fifteen, not twelve, credit hours.

ECON 2012 and ECON 2022 are prerequisites to most of these courses. Note that the first three courses are prerequisites of MKTG 4200 and MGMT 4400. Students opting for this concentration must take both MKTG 4200 and MGMT 4400. Students must meet Business School entrance requirements for the International Commerce Concentration, a 3.0 GPA overall or in the last 24 hours. Note: this concentration requires 15 hours not 12. Students must have junior standing to take the 3000 level courses and must be formally admitted to the International Studies program to take the 4000 level courses. Students must be formally registered as International Studies majors to take the 4000 level courses.

  • ACCT 2200-3 Financial Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis (prerequisite MATH 1070 or MATH 1110 and Sophomore standing)
  • MGMT 3000-3 Managing Individuals and Teams
  • MKTG 3000-3 Principles of Marketing (Junior standing required)
  • MGMT 4400-3 Introduction to International Business
  • MKTG 4200-3 International Marketing

Students taking the International Commerce thematic concentration must fill out a schedule adjustment form to take upper division courses in the Business School. The students should not contact Business School faculty about registration. Contact Nancy Reed, Business School Undergraduate Advisor, to register for the business courses. Her contactinformation is:

Phone: 303-556-5867

download pdf of the Schedule Adjustment Form

In addition, students who wish to study the International Commerce concentration must fill out a disclaimer form and deliver a copy to the director of the International Studies program and a copy to Nancy Reed, Director of undergraduate advising for the business school.

download disclaimer