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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Degree Concentrations

International Relations and Comparative Politics


Courses in this concentration stress comparative approaches, diplomacy and conflict resolution. Students will have an understanding of how different societies make decisions and manage international relations as well as how other cultures conceive of and practice power. Students learn the ins and outs of policy analysis and the tools of social science research. Twelve credit hours.

  • ANTH 4180-3 The Nature of Power
  • HIST 3121-3 The World at War, 1914-1945
  • HIST 4032-3 Globalization in World History since 1945
  • HIST 4220-3 US Foreign Policy since 1912
  • HIST 4412-3 Mexico and the United States: People and Politics on the Border
  • HIST 4471-3 World War II
  • HIST 4475-3 The Vietnam War
  • P SC 3042-3 Introduction to International Relations (if not taken to fulfill Introductory requirements)
  • P SC 3022-3 Introduction to Comparative Politics (if not taken to fulfill Introductory requirements)
  • P SC 4057/RLST 4500-3 Religion and Politics
  • P SC 4085-3 Comparative Public Policy
  • P SC 4105-3 Comparative Politics: Western Europe
  • P SC 4126-3 Introduction to International Political Economy
  • P SC 4146-3 Indigenous Politics
  • P SC 4156-3 The Arab-Israeli Peace Process
  • P SC 4185-3 Corruption in the US and Abroad
  • P SC 4216-3 International Politics: Human Rights
  • P SC 4217-3 Human Rights in Theory and Practice
  • P SC 4226-3 The United Nations in World Affairs
  • P SC 4236-3 American Foreign Policy
  • P SC 4266-3 International Law
  • P SC 4276-3 Conflicts and Rights in International Law
  • P SC 4286-3 International Relations: War or Peace
  • P SC 4326-3 Advanced International Political Economy II
  • PSC 4437-3 Coercion and the State
  • P SC 4726-3 Russian and Chinese Foreign Policy
  • P SC 4736-3 Middle East in World Affairs
  • P SC 4807-3 Revolution and Political Violence