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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Minor in International Studies

Why minor in International Studies?

Graduates with knowledge of other cultures, languages, and governments have a tremendous advantage over other candidates in an increasingly competitive job market. The minor in International Studies provides the interdisciplinary knowledge and skills to help students succeed in a globalized economy.​

This minor is available to students at CU Denver and the International College of Beijing.

The minor requires 18 credits in International Studies courses.  

1. One required introductory course from the following list:

PSCI 3042 Introduction to International Relations
PSCI 3022 Introduction to Comparative Politics
HIST 4032 Globalization in World History

2. A choice of any four upper division courses (3000-4000 level) with an international focus from Communication, Economics, Geography, History, and Political Science. Please note:

  1. Students cannot take more than two upper-division courses from the same department for the minor. Therefore, students who select PSCI 3042 or PSCI 3022 for their introductory course need to take upper division courses for the minor outside of Political Science.
  2. Additional courses may be accepted with the approval of the appropriate campus advisor (whether at the ICB or Auraria).

Courses from any of the concentrations for the major may count toward the minor. The concentrations and the relevant courses can be found on the INTS webpage under the Degree Concentrations tab.

3. One required Capstone course:

Students select a 4000 level seminar for the capstone course from any department that is not the student’s major. 

Representative courses listed below.  Students may also use any relevant Travel Study course to fulfill the capstone requirement.  Students may also choose courses not listed with prior permission of the International Studies minor advisors. Please meet with the International Studies Advisors for approval of individual courses.  



PSCI 4186 East Asia in World Affairs

PSCI 4236 American Foreign Policy

PSCI 4216 Human Rights

PSCI 4236 Foreign Policy



ANTH 4220 Community in Global Context

COMM 4720 Dynamics of Global Communication

ECON 4410 International Trade

ECON 4770 Economic Development-Theory and Problems

HIST 4417 - Commodities and Globalization: Dessert in World History 

PSCI 4226 The United Nations in World Affairs



PSCI 4002 E01 Globalization, Bio-colonialism, and Indigenous Rights

PSCI 4002 E02 Clictivism Online Social Activism