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Graduating Process & Deadlines

Preparing to Graduate

Students preparing to graduate need to plan ahead. Here are some guidelines:

  • Towards the end of the semester previous to the semester you plan on graduating, see the Program Director or Associate Director.
  • Obtain a Graduation Packet from the Program offices at MC04.
  • Review your course work and hours to ensure that you have completed all the program requirements for your degree.
  • Check the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) graduation information Web page for information about the graduation process.
  • Notify the Registrar's office of your intent to graduate by submitting your Application for Graduation through your UCD Access student portal

Application for Admission to Candidacy

Admission to the Graduate School does not constitute admission to candidacy. Completion of hours of course work does not mean a student is automatically eligible for an advanced degree. Students must have fulfilled appropriate requirements for the program of study, as established by their major department and the Graduate School. The Application for
Application forms for Admission to Candidacy must be filled out by the student, approved by program advisor and submitted the CLAS Dean's office by UCD Graduate School deadlines. An Intent to Graduate form must also be filled out online. To find out specific deadlines for graduation paperwork and forms, please follow this link:


CLAS Contact Information

Graduate Coordinator: Jessica Halliday
Location: Lawrence St. Center, 1249
Mailing Address: Campus Box 163; P.O. Box 173364; Denver, CO 80217-3364
Phone: 303-315-5879 FAX: 303-315-5879


Students must be registered during the semester of their final examinations/defenses (this also applies to students working on IPs or IWs). Registration for submitting only the thesis is not required if the defense was held in a previous semester. A student who wishes to schedule an examination/defense between semesters may use the previous or the following semester's registration to meet this requirement (NOTE: Summer session is considered a separate semester.) For the purpose of this registration requirement, a new semester begins on the first day of instruction for that semester.

Transfer of Credit

Requests for transfer of credit from other institutions should be submitted to your department at least one semester prior to the graduation semester. Transfer of Credit forms can be obtained from the departmental offices or in the CLAS Dean's Office, NC 5014.

Thesis Information

Copies of "Guidelines for Preparing Masters' and Doctoral Theses" are available on the Graduate School website at
Questions concerning matters not discussed in the specifications must be directed to the thesis committee chairperson.

Theses and dissertations must be submitted to the Graduate School, LSC 1251, for format review before final prints are done. To discuss format requirements, please contact Jessica Halliday in the Graduate School, LSC 1249, Phone: 303-315-5879.

After successful format review, three reproduced or original copies of the thesis, two on CU bond and one on regular paper, must be submitted to the Graduate School. One copy of the thesis must contain original signatures of the committee members. The thesis must be approved by at least two professors in the major field. The University keeps all three of these copies. You may also order additional copies at this time. The binding fee is due and payable when the thesis is submitted to the Graduate School. Since fees are subject to change, contact the Graduate School at 303-315-2183 for current fees. Please note that no theses will be accepted without payment.

Oral Examinations Guidelines

All students graduating from the MHMSS program are required to complete a final oral examination.

For further information, click here.


Commencement is held twice a year on the Denver campus, in May and December. Students graduating in August or December 2013 are invited to attend the December 2013 commencement. If your name is on the August or December 2013 tentative graduation list, you will automatically receive information about commencement (time, place, caps, gowns, diplomas, etc.) by the middle of October, but only if your Intent to Graduate is submitted by the published deadline. Students graduating in May 2014 are invited to attend the May 2014 commencement. If your name is on the May 2014 tentative graduation list, you will automatically receive information about commencement (time, place, caps, gowns, diplomas, etc.) by the middle of March, but only if your Intent to Graduate is submitted by the published deadline.

Human Subjects Research

Students contemplating the use of human subjects in their research (includes surveys, interviews, and/or any kind of information obtained by using persons as test subjects) must obtain approval from the Colorado Multiple Institutional Review Board before beginning such research. A project involving people, and which has not been reviewed by the Committee, may be disallowed.  Please contact 303-724-1055 for more information.