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Master of Humanities and Master of Social Science Programs

Master of Humanities


Dr. Margaret Woodhull, Director of Humanities
Dr. Omar Swartz, Director of Social Science
Dr. Myra Bookman, Associate Director of Humanities & Social Science

Individualized Program--Thesis or Project Option

The Master of Humanities provides the opportunity for a student to fashion a course of study based on individual interests and goals.  Students choose two or three academic disciplines as areas of concentration in consultation with their faculty advisor.  After completing 30 or 33 hours of coursework (depending on choice of thesis or project option), they will moved on to a thesis or project.

Requirements--36 credit hours total

Three interdisciplinary seminars (9 credits total, 3 each):

  1. Methods and Texts of the Humanities (offered each fall semester and taken during first year of course work)
  2. Mid-Program Seminar
  3. Directed Readings and Research in the Humanities (offered each spring semester and taken during the final year of course work in preparation for the thesis or project)

21-24 credit hours of coursework selected in conjunction with student's advisor

Final Project (3 credits) OR Thesis (6 credits) -- must be a scholarly and/or creative exercise involving at least two disciplines.

Optional Tracks

Students may also focus in one of several areas of concentration or formal tracks.  By focusing one's studies in a "track", the student is able to develop a concentrated and interdisciplinary master level expertise in a given area of interest.  Starting spring 2012, Master of Humanities' students who have been or want to to concentrate their studies in either "Visual Studies" or "Philosophy and Theory" will now be able to have that concentration officially noted on their transcripts by fulfilling the requirements for the Visual Studies or Philosophy and Theory Track.  Many of our MH students already have most of the requirements in place.  For these tracks, required courses included the three (3) existing required MH courses (the Core MH required courses everyone takes) in addition to focused required courses in the track concentration.  These are detailed in the track descriptions that follow: 

Philosophy and Theory ( pdf)

Visual Studies (pdf)