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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Master of Humanities

Women's and Gender Studies Certificate

The Women’s and Gender Studies Certificate is administered through the Women’s and Gender Studies program in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Colorado Denver. It is designed to provide members of the UCD population and public with specialized knowledge of the history, politics, literature, and social practices related to women’s and gender concerns. Students must complete 12 credit hours of coursework in order to receive the certificate. Acceptance into the certificate program is subject to UCD Graduate School rules.
The WGST certificate is available to any qualified graduate student or non-degree seeking, graduate-level student at UCD. Students begin with a required, graduate level methodology or foundational course before pursuing a combination of WGST-related coursework. Upon completion of the certificate, students will have foundational and theoretical knowledge of the major concerns of women’s and gender studies.
All prospective students must complete an application form obtained from one of the advisors for the WGST certificate listed below. Upon completion of the form and its approval, students are qualified for the certificate. All coursework must be taken at UCD. 
For more information about this certificate program contact the Women’s and Gender Studies Director, Prof. Gillian Silverman, UCD Dept. of English, or Prof. Margaret Woodhull, Asst. Director, MHMSS program at UCD, 303-352-3926;
Applications by MHMSS students are due to Prof. Margaret Woodhull. All other students should submit applications to Dr. Gillian Silverman.
  • Feminism and Gender Theory Seminar: Methods and Theories of Feminism and Gender Studies, SSC/WGST 6010 OR HIST/ENGL/WGST 5306 Survey of Feminist Thought (3 credit hours)
  • Women’s and Gender Studies Courses (9 credit hours total): These courses must be explicitly women’s and/or gender and/or identity -based courses. They can be taken through any UCD department or program with the approval of an advisor. Only one 4000-level elective may be counted toward the certificate. All other coursework must be graduate level.  


The following is a representative listing of WGST related courses that may be taken toward the certificate; it is not comprehensive. Please note that some of these courses may be taught sporadically. Students should meet with their advisor to plan their course of study.
ANTH 5200: Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective
CJ 5553 Seminar: Women and Criminal Justice
CMMU 5020 Feminist Perspectives and Communication
CMMU 5020-3 Feminist Perspectives on Communication
CMMU 5045 Female-Male Friendships
CMMU 5045-3 Female-Male Friendships
CMMU 5265-3 Gender and Communication
ENGL 4510 Whores and Saints: Medieval Women
ENGL 5306 Survey of Feminist Thinking
ENGL 5000 Major Authors (depending on author being studied, e.g.: Virginia Woolf, George Sand)
ETST 4555-3 International Women’s Resistance
ETST 4827-3/P SC 4827 Women and the Law
HIST 5303 Sex and Gender in Modern Britain
HIST 5307 History of Sexuality
HIST 5345 Gender, Science, and Medicine: 1600 to Present
HUMN 5720/ SSCI 5720 Sexuality, Gender and Their Visual Interpretation
P AD 5910 Women and Violence: A Sociological Perspective
P AD 5920 Psychology of Violence against Women
P AD 5930 Battered Women and the Law
P SC 4215 Women’s Rights, Human Rights: Global Perspectives
P SC 4564 Gender and Politics
P SC 5245 Gender and International Development
P SC 5555 International Women’s Resistance
SOC5550 Seminar: Sociology of the Family
WGST 5900 Smart Girl Coaching and Practicum
WGST 6010/SSC 6010 Feminist Theory