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Careers in Humanities and Social Science

Interdisciplinary Humanities and Social Science curricula prepare students for a wide range of careers. Because interdisciplinary studies develop critical thinking and analysis, quantitative literacy, problem solving and intercultural knowledge, they create transferable skills that open up possibilities for multiple career and job options in ways  that training in single disciplines with discrete contents don't.  Click here to find out more about the skills, jobs, and careers that MHMSS students have acquired.

MHMSS Graduates have gone on to be leaders, culture makers, creatives, and intellectuals in their communities. To see where some of our alumni are now and what they are doing, click here(add hyperlink). Below are profiles of some recent MHMSS graduates.

Here are some useful websites for exploring career development in the Humanities:

• “What Can I do with a Humanities Degree”:
An awesome site with lots of links to other pages and information.Many of the links are to Philosophy department sites, but the ideas can be adapted to the general Humaniteis students.
• University of Kent, Great Britain:
Although this is a British university site, I have found it useful for its information about skill sets the Humanities student brings to the work force.
• USA Today: College Section: