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The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has outstanding faculty, staff, students, alumni and programs, exemplified in spotlights from the CLAS Deans' Notes, a bi-weekly e-newsletter. Stories below are from the current issue of the newsletter and offer some of our most timely and important coverage.

CLAS Deans' Notes News | December 16, 2016

Horton Research on Immigrant Worker Vulnerability in the News

In December, Associate Professor of Anthropology Sarah Horton, published research in the Political and Legal Anthropology Review, finding that U.S. employers use a variety of methods to make it appear they are hiring legal workers. They can "loan" undocumented workers the identification of legal workers, or they will "mask" undocumented status with invented documents.  Ultimately, undocumented workers aren't stealing identities in order to get jobs in the U.S. nearly as frequently as they are forced by their employers to accept identities "on ... Read More »

Lockley A Go-to in Dinosaur Ridge Development Debate

For Decades Geology Emeritus Professor Martin Lockley has been studying the Dinosaur Ridge repository west of Denver, which is now facing encroachment from development. His team had recently discovered dinosaur “scrapes” at the ridge and at other sites in western Colorado, which he believed to be evidence of prehistoric foreplay. Lockley says by their sheer size and scope car dealerships, proposed for a nearby site, would have the effect of diminishing access to the treasure trove of prehistoric fossils and tracks.

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Musiba Continues Work in Tanzania

Plans for a museum at the world-renowned Laetoli site and Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania are currently on hold while researchers look for more footprints and examine the state of the original tracks, says Anthropology Professor Charles Musiba. The current plan is to build research and education facilities outside a 1.5-kilometer buffer zone from the site, while investigating the best place for a museum to protect and display the footprints, which have all been reburied. “We’re going to leave them the way they are for now,” Musiba says.

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Reich Continues Expert Commentary on Parental Anti-Vaccination Mindset

The anti-vaccination viewpoint is a product of two colliding ideas, says Jennifer Reich, Associate Professor of Sociology. First, parents may think that they "are in this alone" and not responsible in any small way for other children in their communities, and second there is an idea that individuals hold all responsibility for their own health, and that society bears none for people's health decisions.

Why vaccine myths persist: Trump team references debunked autism ... Read More »