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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at UC Denver

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences



The Master of Humanities degree is individually tailored to meet students' needs and interests. In consultation with a faculty advisor, students organize their own plans of studies by combining fields such as History, Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Film, Women's Studies, Public Policy, American Studies, Fine Arts, Sociology, Literature, Anthropology, Communications, Political Science, and Economics.

Our degree programs are designed for part-time or full time students whose professional and personal obligations require a program that is flexible. When you pursue the Master of Humanities, your courses will come from disciplines traditionally included in the category of "liberal arts," disciplines such as fine arts, theatre, music, literature, philosophy, history, and communication. But you may also include appropriate coursework from the social sciences or other areas. Some students use the program as a springboard toward a doctoral degree or professional school. Others are teachers or other professionals seeking additional training to expand their expertise. Many enroll in the program for the sheer satisfaction of intellectual enrichment.

The Master of Humanities offers a general MH degree as well as two ways to focus the degree by pursuing a concentration in either:

  • Visual Studies Track, or
  • Philosophy and Theory Track

For more information about the program and for program requirements, click here.