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Larry Anderson

Faculty Projects

Research Showcase

Faculty in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) engage in research that advances broad knowledge in their fields. At CLAS, faculty are committed to bringing both professional experience and academic know-how to the classroom. In addition, faculty often work to stay relevant and groundbreaking by continuing to advance their fields through research and outcome-driven projects. Many enjoy national and international recognition.

Some of the many current faculty projects speak to topics ranging from energy and the environment to the U.S. Health Care Crisis' Effect on Mexico. Some projects exist with the assistance of grant funding, and many of these projects have been continuously awarded due to their impressive and helpful results.

Faculty research projects showcase the varied talents and experience of our faculty at CLAS, and allow our students to see firsthand how our professors are change agents bringing real-world knowledge to their lectures.

You can find just a sample of recent research stories showcased here: