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The CHP Handbook contains the official policies and procedures of the CHP Program. It is revised annually by the Program Director.
*  Each fall and spring semester, CHP students are employed for a total of 20 hours/week in one or two Research, Teaching or Graduate Assistantship positions. Students who have completed an MA and the Teaching Skills Seminar may also be employed as Lecturers.        *  Summer funding is on an "as-available" basis only and is highly variable.
*  Decisions on student appointments take into account many complex factors including scheduling issues, the availability of grant funding and the needs of the undergraduate programs. The aim is to have each student employed as an RA in their advisor's lab for at least 10 hours/week (more if grant funding is available) and employed as a TA, GA or Lecturer for 10 hours/week.

Because several CHP courses are offered in alternating years, the curriculum changes slightly depending on whether a student enters the program in an even or odd year. Exceptions to the established curriculum may occur but only with the permission of the Program Director and the student's advisor.
Curricula Odd and Even Years 2015.pdfCurricula Odd and Even Years 2015.pdf
Spring 2016 Course Calendar.xlsxSpring 2016 Course Calendar.xlsx

Graduate School Deadlines
GS Deadlines 2015-2016.pdfGraduate School Deadlines 2015-2016.pdf