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Resources for Current Students


The CHP Handbook contains the official policies and procedures of the CHP Program. It is revised annually by the Program Director.
*  Each fall and spring semester, CHP students are employed for a total of 20 hours/week in one or two Research, Teaching or Graduate Assistantship positions. Students who have completed an MA and the Teaching Skills Seminar may also be employed as Lecturers.        *  Summer funding is on an "as-available" basis only and is highly variable.
*  Decisions on student appointments take into account many complex factors including scheduling issues, the availability of grant funding and the needs of the undergraduate programs. The aim is to have each student employed as an RA in their advisor's lab for at least 10 hours/week (more if grant funding is available) and employed as a TA, GA or Lecturer for 10 hours/week.
Because several CHP courses are offered in alternating years, the curriculum changes slightly depending on whether a student enters the program in an even or odd year. Exceptions to the established curriculum may occur but only with the permission of the Program Director and the student's advisor.

PhD Curriculum - Even Year 7-17-14.pdfPhD Curriculum - Even Year rev.7-17-14.pdf

Course Calendars
Course calendars are prepared several months in advance of each semester. Due to
complexities involving tuition, fees and financial aid, it is important that students register promptly when the Program Assistant requests that they do so.


Students register for most courses in the CU Denver Student Portal​Special permission is required to register for the practica courses and for Master's Thesis and Dissertation credits.  

         Practica & Internship Courses:

         PSYC 7910 Clinical Practicum (Internal Practicum in the PSC)
         PSYC 8910 Clinical Practicum (External Practicum at a site in the community)
         PSYC 8938 Internship
        PSYC 6950 MA Thesis and PSYC 8990 Dissertation Units:
        To register for MA Thesis or Dissertation units, complete the form below and 
        email to Remember, a total of 4 Thesis credits and 
        6 Dissertation credits should be taken. You have to be a registered student at CU Denver in the semester that you defend but you do not have to be registered for Thesis or                 Dissertation.
                         Spring 2015 Course Calendar - DRAFT.pdf Form to Register for PSYC 6950 MA Thesis.pdf

                         Spring 2015 Course Calendar - DRAFT.pdf SPF PhD Dissertation Psyc 8990.pdf

By May 12 of each year, each student in the CHP Program completes an Annual Student Report, an Evaluation of the CHP Program and a Funding Questionnaire.

Annual Student Report 

The CHP faculty use this to assess the overall status and progress of each student in a meeting later that month.

Evaluation of the CHP Program


Funding Questionnaire 

 Psychology Center

 Milestones reached must be officially recorded by the program and CU Denver.

As preparation for providing psychological services in the PSC, CHP students complete the Clinical Competency Training Modules in the summer of their first year. Typically, material for one module is presented at the beginning of each week and to complete each module students engage in role-playing sessions that are videotaped then reviewed with the modules supervisor. Students should plan their modules work carefully to ensure that each requirement is completed.
Summer 2014 Schedule for Modules Videotaping Appointments
                        Mondays:   9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
                        Tuesdays:  9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
                        Wednesdays:  9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
  Master's Thesis
  Comprehensive Clinical Competency Exam (spring of Year 3)
Year 1

Year 2


Year 3

Year 4
Year 5
Year 6