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The degree requirements listed below are for a minor in psychology. These include:

  • At least 15 hours of psychology (grades of C or better), including:
    • PSYC 1000, Introduction to Psychology I
    • PSYC 1005, Introduction to Psychology II
    • ONE of the following TWO courses:
            • ​​​PSYC 3222, Principles of Learning and Behavior 
            • PSYC 4144, Human Cognition
    • ONE of the following THREE courses:
            • ​​​PSYC 3205, Human Development I: Child Development 
            • PSYC 3305, Abnormal Psychology
            • PSYC 4415, Experimental Social Psychology
    • One additional 3 credit course in Psychology
  • At least 6 of the 15 hours above must be upper division credit hours taught by UCD faculty.
  • Because the minor is optional, there are no substitutions to these requirements.
  • Psychology courses in which a student earns a C- or lower​ do NOT count toward the minor requirements.