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Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Sciences

Experiential Learning Opportunities



An internship, co-op or service learning opportunity increases your learning and chances of entering a job or graduate school. These opportunities, typically completed during the junior or senior year, are available through the Experiential Learning Center. Internships are recommended for BA majors and​ fulfill a requirement for BS majors.

  • Gain experience.
  • Get and edge in today's competitive job market.
  • Develop skills specific to your interests and major.
  • Advance your professional communication abilities.
  • Grow professionally; become an experienced asset.

Now is the time to start preparing for your future. It generally takes a least one semester to arrange an internship. Please get started as soon as possible.

Call the Center at 303-556-6656 for an appointment or to find out about drop-in hours. 


Some internships are reseach experiences off campus. Students also conduct research on this campus with our faculty.