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Bachelor of Science

Degree Requirements (for major declared Fall 2013 or later)

If you declared your major before Fall 2013, you may find your degree requirements by clicking the following: BS Requirements - Old

The Bachelor of Science degree program in psychology focuses mostly on the biological and biochemical basis of behavior and mental function. This degree program prepares you for employment and graduate study in many areas of psychology and related fields, including neuroscience and biomedical research. Coupled with additional discipline-specific requirements, this degree program provides a good foundation for pre-health majors.

General Requirements for the BS Degree in Psychology

  • a minimum of 51 credit hours in required and elective courses, consisting of:
        • PSYC 1000, 1005, 2090, 2220, 3090 and 4054
        • BIOL 2051/2071, BIOL 2061/2081, CHEM 2031/2038, CHEM 2061/2068
        • two upper division psychology electives (from approved list)
        • two upper division natural sciences electives (from approved list)
        • one experiential learning course from approved list
  • A minimum of 15 upper division Psychology credit hours taken from UC Denver Downtown Campus faculty.
  • No more than 56 credit hours in Psychology can count toward graduation.
  • Students must have sophomore standing to be admitted to candidacy for the BS degree in psychology.

Core Course Requirements for the BS Degree in Psychology


  • PSYC 1000, Introduction to Psychology I
  • PSYC 1005, Introduction to Psychology II
  • PSYC 2090, Statistics and Research Methods and recitiation (PSY 2090R)
  • PSYC 2220, Biological Basis of Behavior
  • PSYC 3090, Research Methods in Psychology
  • PSYC 4054, Behavioral Neuroscience


  • BIOL 2051, General Biology 1
  • BIOL 2071, General Biology 1 Lab
  • BIOL 2061, General Biology 2
  • BIOL 2081, General Biology 2 Lab
  • CHEM 2031, General Chemistry 1
  • CHEM 2038, General Chemistry 1 Lab
  • CHEM 2061, General Chemistry 2
  • CHEM 2068, General Chemistry 2 Lab

Elective Courses for the BS Degree in Psychology


  • PSYC 3104, Behavioral Genetics
  • PSYC 3222, Principles of Learning and Behavior
  • PSYC 3254, Introduction to Animal Behavior
  • PSYC 3262, Health Psychology 
  • PSYC 3263, Hormones and Behavior
  • PSYC 3265, Drugs, Brain, and Behavior
  • PSYC 3600, Special Topics (must have advisor approval)
  • PSYC 3724, Developmental Psychobiology
  • PSYC 3810, Neuropsychology
  • PSYC 3822, Aging, Brain and Behavior
  • PSYC 3832, Neural Basis of Learning
  • PSYC 4164, Psychology of Perception


  • BIOL 3225, Human Physiology
  • BIOL 3244, Human Anatomy
  • BIOL 3611, General Cell Biology
  • BIOL 3621, Introduction to Immunology
  • BIOL 3654, General Microbiology
  • BIOL 3832, General Genetics
  • BIOL 4134, Human Genetics
  • BIOL 4165, Neurobiology
  • CHEM 3810, Biochemistry

Experiential Learning Courses


  • PSY 3939, Internship in Psychology (three credit hours; 2.75 GPA required)
  • PSY 4840, Independent Study in Psychology (three credit hours)
  • Honors Thesis in Psychology (three credit hours, 3.5 GPA required)

Policies Governing the BS Degree in Psychology

  • No grade below C is acceptable toward the major requirements. That is, courses in which a student earns a C- or below will not count toward the major.
  • Pass/fail grades do not count toward the major requirements.
  • Psychology courses taken at other colleges and universities (including CU-Boulder and CU-Colorado Springs) must be approved by the UC Denver psychology BS advisor before they can be counted toward the major requirements.