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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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Physics Minor

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gENERAL requirEments

A total of 16 credit hours is required for a minor in physics. No grade below a C can be used to meet the requirements for the minor. At least 6 credit hours of the requirements for the minor must be completed at the downtown Denver campus.

Required Physics Courses (10 hours)

Either of the following sequences:

Course Sequence #1

PHYS 2010. College Physics I, 4
PHYS 2020. College Physics II, 4
PHYS 2030. College Physics Lab I, 1
PHYS 2040. College Physics Lab II, 1

Course Sequence #2

PHYS 2311. General Physics I: Calculus-Based , 4
PHYS 2321. General Physics Lab I, 1
PHYS 2331. General Physics II: Calculus-Based, 4
PHYS 2341. General Physics Lab II, 1

Elective Physics Courses (6 credit hours)

At least 3 of the 6 credit hours must be at the 3000 level or above.