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Auraria Emerging Technologies Prototyping Lab (AETPL)

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AETPL laboratory
This photo shows part of the AETPL lab including a confocal microscope and granite optical table.

Randall Tagg, Ph.D.
UC Denver Department of Physics

Arlen Meyers, MD, MBA
UC Denver Department of Otolaryngology

AETPL is a growing collaboration of students, staff & faculty on the Auraria campus to convert new scientific findings and technical advancements into viable technologies and products.  This collaboration extends to the CU Health Sciences campus and many of the projects are oriented towards biomedical innovations. We also seek active involvement of regional industry and other research institutions in Colorado. Secondary school students and teachers are invited to participate in AETPL's programs as well.

Our goal is to engage students – both undergraduates and graduate students – in projects that quickly demonstrate the feasibility of new ideas, so that each student's task has a scope of one year to proof of concept. Our key words are "what if?" Students on the Auraria campus bring special talents, life skills, and enthusiasm to projects that are highly exploratory and yet focused on the practical realization of new products, methods, and services.


Under a grant from the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance (NCIIA), AETPL currently has organized its activities into several research and innovation clusters :

  • Tissue Dynamics
  • Quantitative Cell Sociology
  • Soft Optics & Tissue Photonics
  • Soft Matter Nanotechnology
  • Airway Mechanics
  • Coupled-Cell Design
  • Medical Technologies for Remote Locations
  • Low-Cost Dental Technologies
  • Rapid-Start Learning Modules for Technical Design

Read more about AETPL Research and Innovation Clusters »

For further information, please contact:

Randy Tagg
Department of Physics – Campus Box 157
University of Colorado Denver 
Denver, Colorado 80217-3364
tel 303-556-2293, fax 303-556-6257

The startup of AETPL in January 2006 has been funded in part by the UC Denver Center for Faculty Development and by a gift from US Tobacco.