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Why Physics

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Why Physics

From medical advances to space exploration, physicists find their home across the whole range of science and technology. The most basic of the sciences, physics is all around us every day. The physics major is one of the few academic degree programs that prepares its graduates for an amazing array of careers. Physicists are renowned for their logical thought, analytical minds, problem solving skills and mathematical ability.

The physics major can be completed via one of two tracks:

Pure & Applied Physics is a traditional physics major. With a suitable choice of electives, this track prepares students for graduate studies in physics, engineering or similar fields, and for technical jobs in many areas of industry including optics, electronics, communications, robotics, control systems, spacecraft systems and computer modeling. Students assist our faculty in their research in fields as diverse as low temperature physics, astrophysics and particle physics.

Biophysics and Medical Physics a broader-based track emphasizing the application of physics to biological and medical fields. It is a good option for students planning to go to medical school, to pursue graduate studies in biophysics or bioengineering, or to teach science in secondary schools. Currently students assist in research on biomedical optics and medical devices.

We also offer minors in physics and astrophysics and an online certificate in the scientific foundations of technical innovation.