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Beyond Realism and Antirealism: John Dewey and the Neopragmatists

David Hildebrand

Beyond Realism and Antirealism

"Perhaps the most significant development in American philosophy in recent times has been the extraordinary renaissance of Pragmatism, marked most notably by the reformulations of the so-called 'Neopragmatists' Richard Rorty and Hilary Putnam. With Pragmatism offering the allure of potentially resolving the impasse between epistemological realists and antirealists, analytic and continental philosophers, as well as thinkers across the disciplines, have been energized and engaged by this movement."

"David Hildebrand's attempt to restate Dewey's central message is intelligent, well-informed, and well-argued, as are his polemics against what he takes to be Putnam's and my own misunderstandings of Dewey."
Richard Rorty, Stanford University

"Beyond Realism and Antirealism packs a double punch. Mobilizing a meticulous study of early twentieth-century classical pragmatism, Hildebrand engages the key neopragmatic positions of Richard Rorty and Hilary Putnam. Then, driving his own thesis home, he offers what he terms Deweys' 'practical stance' as a corrective to the limitations of the linguistic turn." 
Larry Hickman, Director, The Center for Dewey Studies, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

"Pragmatism was 'revived' in the 1970s and 1980s and was led at once into philosophical dead ends that John Dewey had already skillfully dismantled. Now, David Hildebrand corrects the record; provides an informed, splendidly argued, indispensable part of the recovery of Dewey's analysis of realismstill hardly bettered by anyone today." 
Joseph Margolis, Temple University

Hildebrand, David L. Beyond Realism and Antirealism: John Dewey and the Neopragmatists. Nashville: Vanderbilt UP, 2003.