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Contact Information

General information:

Campus Box:

P.O. Box 173364
Campus Box 179
Denver, CO 80217-3364

Physical location:
955 Lawrence St. 
Plaza Building, Room M108​​

Program Assistant:

Elizabeth Puente-Calderon​

​Phone: (303) 315-7223

Department Advising: Undergraduate Advisor for Majors & Minors in Philosophy/Ethics​:

Sam Walker​

Advising, CLAS Undergraduate (General):

CLAS Undergraduate Advising​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Philosophy Department

About The Discipline:

The study of philosophy is concerned with the transmission and evaluation of basic beliefs and values about reality, knowledge and logic, morality, and social justice. It provides a fundamental basis for understanding many areas+ of human endeavor, including science, art and literature, religion, communication, education, politics, and technology. It is not an easy field. But for more than 25 centuries philosophy has been judged most rewarding by those who seek self-development, intellectual sophistication, and the happiness of a reflective life.

An undergraduate  degree in philosophy is academically rigorous. It is excellent preparation for law and medicine, as well as a spectrum of entry-level positions in business, public service and more. Read more and watch a video about the advantages of studying philosophy.

UCD Philosophy  Department offers:

  • A Bachelor of Arts that includes the study of three major periods: ancient, modern and 20th-century philosophy.
  • Minors in Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Ethics or Religious Studies.
  • and a Certificate in Ethics.

*Main photo by Doris Huchthausen

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