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Student Advising

The Undergraduate Program

Your advisor's role

Your math faculty advisor can help you:

  • Choose appropriate math classes to meet your math graduation requirements.
  • Assist you in deciding upon which area of math in which to specialize.
  • Provide you with career advice.
What advisors cannot do

Math faculty advisors cannot help you with university and CLAS policies and procedures such as:

  • Core (non-math) requirements
  • Transfer credit evaluation for core requirements
  • Academic warning and probation
  • Residency requirements
  • Graduation paperwork
Math transfer credits

For questions regarding math transfer credits, see the Math Major FAQs

How to get an advisor

Undergraduate students who do not currently have an advisor:

Please call the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, 303-556-8442, and the department will assign you an initial advisor. If you have an idea about what area of math interests you, let us know, and that will help us match you with an advisor. After you have taken enough classes to know what area of math interests you, you may change your advisor to a faculty member in that area (see the next item for how to change advisors).

How to change your advisor

If you cannot recall who your advisor is, please call the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, 303-556-8442, and we will be able to help you. If you would like to change advisors, you can:

  • Contact Angela Beale and tell her who you would like as your new advisor. She will verify your choice with your new advisor.
  • Or, ask your potential new advisor if he or she could be your new advisor. If the faculty member agrees, ask him or her to contact Angela Beale.
When you can meet with your advisor

Faculty set aside time to meet with advisees several times a year. Once you have an advisor, you should receive e-mails several times a year that will inform you when your advisor is available to meet with you. Alternately, you can stop by your advisor's office to see if your advisor is available, or e-mail your advisor to set up an appointment. All faculty e-mail addresses are available on our directory page.