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PhD Alum Theses

May2013Bennethum, LynnHeat and Moisture Transport in Porous Media: A Coupled Model in Terms of Chemical Potential
December2012Langou, JulienTiled Algorithms for Matrix Computation on Multicore Architectures
April2012Bennethum, LynnKing Mongkutʼs Institute of Technology, Ladkrabang, ThailandModeling the Flow of PCL Fluid Due to the Movement of Lung Cilia
April2012Lundgren, RichardOn Characterizations and Structure of Interval Digraphs and Unit Probe Interval Graphs
July2012Billups, StephenRoyal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, SwedenDerivative-Free Optimization of Noisy Functions
December2012Knyazev, AndrewModels for Spectral Clustering and Their Applications
April2012Payne, StanleyOn Some New Examples of Cameron-Liebler Line Classes
December2012Knyazev, AndrewAngles Between Subspaces and the Rayleigh-Ritz Method
August2011Richard LundgrenWestern Oregon UniversityOn Interval Representations and Symmetries of Graphs
Aug2011Mandel, JanReaction diffusion equations and numerical wildland fire models
June2011Kafadar, KarenIBMRobust Estimation of Censored Mixture Models
May2011Knyazev, AndrewUniversity of MinnesotaPreconditioned Iterative Methods for Linear Systems, Eigenvalue and Singular Value Problems
May2011Bennethum, LynnUniversity of Wisconsin-StoutAnalysis and Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Volterra Partial Integrodifferential Equations Modeling Swelling Porous Materials
May2010Franca, LeoLaboratorio Nacional de Computacaco CientificaResidual Local Projection Methods for the Darcy Problem
Jul2010Greenberg, HarveyVMwareA New Paradigm for Robust Cominatorial Optimization: Using Persistence as a Theory of Evidence
May2010Mandel, JanUniversity of Southern CaliforniaAdaptive-Multilevel BDDC
Jul2010Lodwick, WeldonMarket Force Information Sr. Statistical AnalystGradual Numbers and Fuzzy Optimization
May2010Jacobson, MichaelUniversity of New EnglandSome Extensions of Graph Saturation to Edge Colored, Oriented, and Subdivided Graphs
Jul2010Lodwick, WeldonChulalongkorn University (Thailand)Linear Programming Problems for Generalized Uncertainty
Dec2010Cherowitzo, WilliamUnited States GovernmentMonomial Hyperovals in Desarguesian Planes
May2009Mandel, JanUniversity of Colorado DenverHigh-Dimensional Data Assimilation and Morphing Ensemble Kalman Filters with Applications in Wildfire Modeling
May2009Payne, StanUniv of Colorado Anschutz Medical CampusTruncated Quadrics and Elliptic Curves
May2009Jacobson, MichaelUniversity of Wisconsin-WhitewaterCycle Structures in Graphs
Dec2009Sain, SteveUniversity of Colorado DenverUsing Return Level in a Statistical Model for the Joint Distribution of Extreme Values of Equities
May2009Kafadar, KarenUnitedHealth GroupStochastic Diffusion Model of Heterogeneous Populations
May2008Jacobson, MichaelIrregularity Strength of Digraphs
Dec2007Knyazev, AndrewLawrence Livermore National LabsOn Preconditioning for Linear Equations and Eigenvalue Problems
Aug2006Kafadar, KarenUnited Launch AllianceClassification of Continuous Shape Data
Dec2006Jacobson, MichaelSize Bound and Ramsey-Type Numbers
May2006Bennethum, LynnCoastal Carolina UniversityThree-Phase Hybrid Mixture Theory for Swelling Drug Delivery Systems
May2005Jacobson, MichaelUniversity of DaytonArc-Traceable Tournaments
Dec2005Knyazev, AndrewIT Global AviationAngles Between Infinite-Dimensional Subspaces
Dec2005Payne, StanUniversity of Colorado DenverElation Groups of the Hermitian Surface H(3,q^2) Over A Finite Field of Characteristic 2
May2005Lundgren, RichardMicrosoftDomination and Matrix Properties in Tournaments and Generalized Tournaments
May2004Lundgren, RichardUtah State UniversityVariations on Interval Graphs
May2004Johns, CraigDefense Intelligence AgencyBayesian Hierarchical Modeling and Markov Chain Simulation for Chronic Wasting Disease
Aug2003Knyazev, AndrewUniversity of Colorado DenverPrincipal Angles Between Subspaces as Related to Rayleigh Quotient and Rayleigh Ritz Inequalities with Applications to Eigenvalue Accuracy and an Eigenvalue Solver
Dec2003Fraughnaugh, KathrynChulalongkorn UniversityMaximal-Clique Partitions
May2003Kafadar, KarenOakland UniversityIdentification of Multivariate Outliers in Large Data Sets
Dec2002Franca, LeoUniversity of Parana (UFPR), BrazilDiscontinuous Enrichment Methods for Computational Fluid Dynamics
Dec2002Mandel, JanGeneral Dynamics Armament and Technical ProductsFinite Element Solution of Scattering in Coupled Fluid-Solid Systems
Dec2002Briggs, BillNew Mexico Institute of TechnologyGeometric Control of Low-Dimensional Chaotic Systems
Aug2001Cherowitzo, WilliamRose-Hulman Institute of TechnologyBlocking Sets of Conics
Dec2001Russell, TomUS Geological Center, DenverEfficient Solver for Mixed and Control-Volume Mixed Finite Element Methods in Three Dimensions
Dec2000Lundgren, RichardWashington & Jefferson CollegeTopics in Domination Graphs of Tournaments
Dec2000Simon, BurtJeppesen SandersonVariance Reduction with Quasi Control Variates
May2000Russell, TomThe Denver Waldorf High SchoolEulerian-Lagrangian Localized Adjoint Method and Smoothed Aggregations Algebraic Multigrid
May2000Lundgren, RichardBlack Hills State UniversityBiclique Covers and Partitions of Bipartite Graphs and Digraphs and Related Matrix Ranks of {0,1}-Matrices
May1999Briggs, BillHertziiach Petuach (Isreal)Adaptive Fuzzy Modeling and Control of Chaotic Dynamical Systems
May1999Greenberg, HarveyMarathon OilRelaxing Convergence Conditions to Improve the Convergence Rate
Aug1999Payne, StanMarietta CollegeGeneralized Quadrangles of Order (S,T) with |S-T| = 2
Dec1999Franca, LeoIzmir Institute of High Technology (Turkey)Approximating the Incompressible Navier Stokes Equations Using a Two Level Finite Element Method
May1998Fraughnaugh, KathrynConditional Coloring
Dec1998Greenberg, HarveyRose-Hulman Institute of TechnologySensitivity Analysis and the Analytic Central Path
Dec1998Lodwick, WeldonWatson WyattModeling Uncertainty using Probabilistic Based Possibility Theory with Applications to Optimization
Dec1998Lundgren, RichardRaytheonDomination Graphs of Near-Regular Tournaments and the Domination-Compliance Graph
Aug1998Fisher, DavidMesa State CollegeMin-Plus Algebra and Graph Domination
May1998Mandel, JanStanford UniversityAnalysis of Lagrange Multiplier Based Domain Decomposition
Dec1997Mandel, JanFront Range Scientific ComputersRobust Iterative Methods on Unstructured Meshes
Dec1996Dendy, JoelRaytheonBlack Box Multigrid for Convection-Diffusion Equations on Advanced Computers
Dec1996Manteuffel, ThomasHughes AircraftImplementation of the Conjugate Gradient Method Using Short Multiple Recursions
Aug1996Russell, TomUniversity of Colorado DenverAn Analysis of the Stochastic Approaches to the Problems of Flow and Transport in Porous Media
Aug1996Lundgren, RichardMetro State College of Denverp-Competition Graphs and p-Neighborhood Graphs
May1996Lundgren, RichardLincoln Labs at MITFactor Rank of Boolean Matrices
Aug1996Russell, TomSiena Heights CollegeError Analysis of the Finite Volume Element Method for Elliptic and Parabolic Partial Differential Equations
May1996Lodwick, WeldonMertron EngineeringAn Improved Unconstrained Global Optimization Algorithm
Dec1995McCormick, StephenNASA, LangleyA Mixed Finite Volume Element Method for Accurate Computation of Fluid Velocities in Porous Media
Aug1995Lundgren, RichardUniversity of the PacificCompetition Graphs, p-Competition Graphs, Two-Step Graphs, Squares, and Domination Graphs
Aug1995Ryan, JenniferCarroll CollegeA Set Covering Approach to Infeasibility Analysis of Linear Programming Problems and Related Issues
Aug1995Greenberg, HarveyCarroll CollegeFeasible Flows in Multicommodity Graphs
May1994Greenberg, HarveyAn Analysis of Degeneracy
May1994Fox, BennettBLMSmart Simulated Annealing
Dec1994Manteuffel, ThomasIPS-ZurichLeast-Squares Finite-Element Solution of the Neutron Transport Equation in Diffusive Regimes
May1993McCormick, StephenFront Range Sci CompMultigrid Methods for Simulation of Flow Transition
May1993McCormick, StephenUniversity of IowaParallel Multilevel Methods for Transport Equations
Aug1993McCormick, StephenLawrence Livermore National LabsAdaptive Mesh Refinement for Distributed Parallel Architectures
May1993Manteuffel, ThomasTexas A&MFast Multigrid Solvers for Transport Equations
Dec1992Lundgren, RichardRetiredNiche Graphs and Niche Numbers: New Results and Alternative Definitions
May1992Briggs, BillColorado School of MinesA Method of System Identification Applied to a Simulation of Human Exercise
May1992Manteuffel, ThomasLos Alamos National LabsMultilevel Methods for the Solution of Advection-Dominated Elliptic Problems on Composite Grids
May1991Sweet, RolandIBMFast Fourier Transforms for Direct Solution of Poisson's Equation
May1990McCormick, StephenPurdue UniversityTheoretical Foundations for the Finite Volume Element Method
Dec1990Briggs, BillLawrence Livermore LabsFourier Methods of Image Reconstruction
May1990Mandel, JanBioanalytics Group, LLCDomain Decomposition Preconditioners for Thin Rectangular p-Version FInite Elements
Aug1990Lundgren, RichardNaval Postgrad SchoolInterval Competition Graphs of Symmetric Digraphs and Two-Step Graphs of Trees
Dec1989McCormick, StephenUniversity of Texas at AlringtonMultilevel Adaptive Methods in Computational Fluid Dynamics
May1988Lundgren, RichardMarquette UniversityDirected Biclique Covers and Partitions of Digraphs