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How to register for your first math course

What to do if you cannot register for your course online


You should first try to register for your class online:

If you cannot register for any classes, please see your college advisor.

If you can register for some classes, but are having difficulty registering for your math class, then it is likely that the system does not recognize that you have met the prerequisite requirement.

If you want to register for MATH 1401

You must meet the prerequisite requirements. See prerequisite information​ for algebra and calculus. If you do meet the requirement through an ACT or SAT score, it is possible that these scores are not in your UCD records; see your college advisor about how to get the scores into your records. If you meet the requirement, but your score is not in the system, then you will need to bring proof that you have met the prerequisite requirement to either the math staff (generally available at the Student Commons Building, 4th floor, 8:15 a.m.-4:45 p.m., Monday through Friday, 303-315-1700) or Mike Kawai (MERC lab, NC 4015, 303-556-8532).

If you want to register for a math course other than MATH 1401

If that course has a prerequisite, then you must have received a C- or better in the prerequisite course. If you believe you have taken an equivalent course at another institution and this course is on your UC Denver transcript, then you should be able to register for the course.

However, if you believe you have satisfied the prerequisites and are unable to register for this course, you may NOT receive permission from the department to enroll until the prerequisites appear on your UCD records. There is no exception to this policy.

Please carefully read our prerequisite policy:

The Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences' policy on prerequisite completion is strict. We will NOT sign a student into a course requiring that prerequisite until the course shows up on the student's record in the UCD system as having transferred as the correct UCD prerequisiteA hard copy of the student's record is NOT sufficient, because these documents can be easily altered. The student must contact the registrar to confirm that their transcripts have been processed. Once the course has transferred as the correct UCD prerequisite course, then the student should be able to register for the new course themselves.

After confirming with the registrar that your transcripts have been processed, but you still cannot register for the course, you may contact or (303-315-1700) to verify your records. Please provide your student ID number. It may be that the course transferred but not as the correct prerequisite. If this is the case, then you will need to take the prerequisite course here at UCD before you can take the course that you want to take. However, if the course did transfer as the correct prerequisite and you still cannot register then (and only then!) will we help you register.