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Course Flow Chart

Information for students taking an algebra or calculus course

Math course flow chart

Let's face it. Taking an algebra or calculus course requires that you understand thoroughly the prerequisite material. We have put in place several mechanisms to determine which math course you are mathematically prepared to take, and several more ways in which you can review to become better prepared. The more effort you put into reviewing material on your own, the higher the math class you can start taking​.

The flow chart above provides the sequence of courses which, when followed, best-prepares students for mathematical success when started at the appropriate level. The first step is to get assessed to see which math class you are prepared to take. From this assessment, a student should know whether they are qualified to take MATH 1070, MATH 1110, MATH 1130, or MATH 1401.

It should be noted that if you want to take Calculus I: MATH 1401, you must meet one of the prerequisite requirements before registering for the course. Therefore, if you have not already met one of the prerequisite requirements, it is particularly important for you to take one of these exams early so that you will have plenty of time to review material and if necessary, re-take a prerequisite exam before registering for classes. For MATH 1110 and MATH 1070 no exam prerequisite are enforced, so the scores are only recommended. For other math course​s, students must have the prerequisite course on their transcript before being able to register.​ Read more about prerequisites here.

Assessing your Mathematics Ability:

Upon admission to UCD, your goal should be to take the highest level math class which you are comfortable and have the skill set needed to succeed. UCD provides several options for students to determine which math class you are prepared to take. Some of the exams which can be used include the SAT, ACT, MyMathTest, and ALEKS. Information about assessing readiness for other UCD math classes such as MATH 1130 and MATH 1401 are also available.

*Note that the course title for MATH 1070 has changed from "Algebra for Social Sciences and Business" to "College Algebra for Business." (As of July 2015)​