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Frequently Asked Questions

The Undergraduate Program

What is a math option?
Whom do I see to transfer a mathematics course I took at another institution to an equivalent course at UC Denver? What information must I bring to this person?
Which upper division math courses can I take at Metro and still get credit for a UC Denver math degree?
Can I apply a 5000 level math class to both an undergraduate and graduate degree?
I have been going to school part time. Do the math courses I took 10 years ago still apply toward my degree?
What must I do to have another major and a math major?

It depends what the second major is. If the second major is also in CLAS, then you must simply satisfy the requirements for both majors and the rules for the college. If the second major is in a different college, like the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, then you must satisfy the requirements for both colleges, satisfy the requirements for both majors, and take an additional 30 credit hours over the required hours for graduation of the college that has the highest required hours for graduation. You must be registered in the college with the highest tuition. You do not have to satisfy the residency requirement of CLAS that the last 30 credit hours must be courses taken in CLAS providing that at least 30 credit hours (but not necessarily the LAST 30) are taken in CLAS. You should​ be aware that if one college accepts a course as part of the core requirement, the other college may not. Talk to the advisors in both colleges before taking a core course.