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Admission Requirements for Graduate Studies in Applied Mathematics

The Graduate Program

If you were a former graduate student and are needing to apply for readmission, follow the instructions here.

Applicants must hold a baccalaureate or master's degree (not necessarily in mathematics or statistics) from an accredited college or university (or demonstrate completion of work equivalent to the baccalaureate or master's degree given at UC Denver) with at least a 3.0 grade point average (GPA). Applicants to the doctoral program with a GPA in mathematics below 3.2 are unlikely to be accepted without strong supporting evidence. All applicants must take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

Students must also have 30 semester hours of mathematics and/or statistics, at least 24 of which are upper division courses with a grade of B- or better. These courses must include:

  • two semesters of advanced calculus or real analysis (or equivalent)
  • one semester of linear algebra
  • one semester of one of the following:
        • abstract algebra
        • differential equations
        • discrete mathematics
        • probability

Subject to approval by the Graduate Committee, students with prerequisite deficiencies (such as advanced calculus) may be admitted with the understanding that those deficiencies must be removed after admission. In such cases, credits earned for deficiency coursework cannot be applied to a graduate degree. Students who do not have the minimum GPA may be admitted to the MS program provisionally. 

By university policy, international students must provide financial documentation and certified English translations of all records and references not in English. Applicants whose native language is not English must satisfy the English language requirement as detailed at

International applicants should also contact the Office of International Admissions to ensure that additional materials (required by their office) are received. Their e-mail address is:


A complete application packet includes two official transcripts, at least three letters of recommendation, GRE scores, your online application, and application fee. All information should be received by the Graduate Committee of the Department of Mathematical & Statistical Sciences by the following target dates to be guaranteed full consideration. The application and letters of recommendation should be submitted online through the university application system. International students should submit their applications one month prior to these target dates:

Target Dates for MS Program

April 1 for the following summer or fall semester

Nov. 1

for the following spring semester

Applications received after the target dates may still be considered for admission, depending on space availability.

In general, the department does not offer Teaching Assistantships to MS students. However, if you are also applying for a Teaching Assistantship, your application deadline is earlier than stated above. The deadline to apply for admission and a TA position for the fall semester is February 1 instead of April 1, and October 1 instead of November 1 for the spring semester.

To be considered for a Teaching Assistantship, the application packet must be accompanied by a letter indicating interest in an assistantship and citing prior teaching or tutoring experience. At least one letter of recommendation should address the applicant's teaching potential. When the Graduate Committee considers requests for teaching assistants, the primary criterion that is used is academic excellence. Other factors that may be considered include ability to teach lower division mathematics courses, quality of faculty recommendations, and outside employment. The candidate cannot be employed off-campus while holding an assistantship.

Applications for domestic and international students are accepted online only at:

Apply Online Now

If you do not see the PhD program available, you can apply to the MS program and let us know - we may be able to move your application or change your status after you are already admitted.
If you do not see the term you want available, you can apply anyway and let us know - we may be able to move your application.