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Faculty & Staff Directory

Jan Mandel, CSc., RNDr.


Office Location: AB1-4010
Phone: (303) 315-1703

Areas of Expertise:
Applied Mathematics

Education & Degrees

RNDr. (M.S. equivalent), Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Czech Republic  1978

CSc. (Ph.D. equivalent), Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Czech Republic, 1983


Jan Mandel's undergraduate education was in Informatics with specialization in Mathematical Economics and his M.S. thesis was in Discrete Optimization. Ph.D. area was Numerical and Approximate Methods and his thesis was in iterative aggregation methods.

He has published papers on fast solvers for large linear systems and parallel computing (multigrid and domain decomposition).

He has been recently interested in wildfire modeling, probability and statistics, data assimilation, and Kalman filters.

He has received grants and contracts from the NSF, NIH, NASA, and Sandia National Laboratory, published over a 100 papers, and graduated 8 PhD students.

Select Publications

A. K. Kochanski, M. A. Jenkins, J Mandel, J. D. Beezley, C. B. Clements, Evaluation of WRF-SFIRE Performance with Field Observations from the FireFlux experiment, Geoscientific Model Development, 6, 1109-1126, 2013

 A. K. Kochanski, M. A. Jenkins, S. K. Krueger, J. Mandel, and J. D. Beezley, Real-time simulation of 2007 Santa Ana fires, Forest Ecology and Management 15, 136-149, 2013

 J. Mandel, J. D. Beezley, and Adam K. Kochanski, Coupled atmosphere-wildland fire modeling with WRF 3.3 and SFIRE 2011, Geoscientific Model Development, 4, 591-610, 2011

J. Mandel, L. Cobb, and J. D. Beezley, On the Convergence of the ensemble Kalman filter, Applications of Mathematics, 56, 533-541, 2011

J. Šístek, J. Novotný, J. Mandel, M. Čertíková, and P. Burda, "BDDC by a frontal solver and stress computation in a hip joint replacement," Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, 80, 1310-1323, 2010

J. Mandel, J. D. Beezley, J. L. Coen, M. Kim, "Data assimilation for wildland fires: Ensemble Kalman filters in coupled atmosphere-surface models," IEEE Control Systems Magazine 29, Issue 3, 47-65, June 2009

J. Mandel, B. Sousedík, and C. R. Dohrmann, "Multispace and multilevel BDDC," Computing 83, 55-85, 2008

D. H. Glueck, J. Mandel, A. Karimpour-Fard, L. Hunter, and K. E. Muller, "Exact Calculations of Expected Power for the Benjamini-Hochberg Procedure." The International Journal of Biostatistics, Vol. 4, Iss. 1, Art. 11, 2008

J. Mandel, L. S. Bennethum, J. D. Beezley, J. L. Coen, C. C. Douglas, M. Kim, and A. Vodacek, "A wildland fire model with data assimilation." Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 79, 584-606, 2008

J. D. Beezley and J. Mandel, "Morphing Ensemble Kalman Filters," Tellus 60A, 131-140, 2008

C. J. Johns and J. Mandel, "A Two-Stage Ensemble Kalman Filter for Smooth Data Assimilation," Environmental and Ecological Statistics 15, 101-110, 2008

J. Mandel, C. R. Dohrmann, and R. Tezaur, "An Algebraic Theory for Primal and Dual Substructuring Methods by Constraints," Applied Numerical Mathematics 54, 167–193, 2005

P. Vaněk, J. Mandel, and M. Brezina, "Algebraic Multigrid by Smoothed Aggregation for Second and Fourth Order Elliptic Problems," Computing 56, 179–196, 1996

J. Mandel, "Balancing domain decomposition," Communications in Applied Numerical Methods 9, 233–241, 1993

J. Mandel, "Étude algébrique d’une méthode multigrille pour quelques problèmes de frontière libre," Comptes Rendus Acad. Sci. Paris, Sér. I, 298, 469-472, 1984

J. Mandel and B. Sekerka, "A local convergence proof for the iterative aggregation method," Linear Algebra and its Applications 51, 163-172, 1983

Courses Taught

Math 5070: Applied Analysis
Math 6131: Real Analysis
Math 7760: Mathematical Foundations of Finite Element Methods
Math 7824: Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations