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Faculty Research Areas of Interest

Department of Mathematical & Statistical Sciences

Our applied mathematics departme​nt has numerous faculty with varied areas of interest. Whatever your research interest, from optimization to mathematics education, there are numerous faculty you can collaborate with.

Lynn Bennethum, Associate Professor, Mathematical modeling of porous media, Constitutive modeling of swelling porous media, Continuum mechanics, Numerical solutions of PDEs

Steve Billups, Associate Professor Optimization Complementary problems, Computational biology

Roxanne Byrne, Associate Professor, Mathematics education Use of technology

William (Bill) Cherowitzo, Professor, Discrete mathematics Finite geometry Combinatorics

Loren Cobb, Associate Research Professor, Modeling and simulation, Data assimilation, Socio-economic dynamics, Mathematical statistics

RaKissa Cribrii, Instructor, Mathematics education, Number theory, Geometry

Alexander Engau, Assistant Professor, Optimization and mathematical programming, Operations research and decision-making, Financial and engineering optimization

Mike Ferrara , Assistant Professor, Graph Theory, Combinatorics

Joshua French, Assistant Professor, Extreme value theory, Spatial statistics, Environmental application

Michael Jacobson, Professor, Graph Theory Combinatorics

Mike Kawai, Senior Instructor, Teaching mathematics to non-math majors 

Lance Lana, Instructor, Mathematics education, Mathematical modeling

Julien Langou, Assistant Professor, Numerical linear algebra, Error analysis of algorithms, Parallel computing, Numerical analysis

Jan Mandel, Professor Numerical solutions of PDEs, Supercomputing and parallel methods, Domain decomposition and multigrid methods, Data assimilation

Gary Olson, Instructor, Mathematics education, Online learning strategies, Mathematical modeling

Stan Payne, Professor, Finite geometry, Generalized quadrangles Ovals

Tolya Puhaskiil, Associate Professor, Probability theory, Queueing theory, Large deviation theory

Florian Pfender, Assistant Professor, Applied graph theory

Stephanie Santorico, Associate Professor, Simulation, Statistical genetics, Genetic epidemiology and genetics of gene expression, Variance components methods, Linkage methods and linkage disequillibrium, Family-based association tests

Burt Simon, Associate Professor, Simulation, Queueing theory, Mathematical modeling

Diana White, Assistant Professor, Mathematics education, Commutative algebra, Mathematics education, Teacher education