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Spring 2014

History 3460 - Modern Latin America: From Independence to the Present

Tuesdays/Thursdays 12:30-1:45pm 

What is Latin America?
  Stretching from the Río Grande to Patagonia, and including Brazil and much of the Caribbean, the vast geographical extension and ethnic diversity of the region defies the very notion that the peoples of the region even share a common story.  This course will cover the social, cultural, economic, and political formation of Latin America in the Fidel-Castro.jpgnineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Students will investigate:

  • Popular mobilization
  • Caudillismo (personal rule)
  • Revolutions
  • Foreign-backed Dictatorships
  • Migration
  • Global Economics

Modern Latin America Syllabus.pdfModern Latin America Syllabus.pdf

Contact Ryan Crewe for more information:

History 3480 - Introduction to Modern European History 

Online Course


In this course, students engage with European history and culture from the time of the Enlightenment up to the present.

Students will cover such material as: 
  • The French Revolution
  • Napoleon and his Europe
  • Marx, Darwin, and Social Darwinism
  • Prostitution and Victorian Society
  • World War I & II
  • The Cold War
        • And much more!


Modern European History Syllabus.pdfModern European History Sample Syllabus.pdf

Contact Richard Smith for more information: