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Master's Degree Plan V: M.A. in History with Secondary Teaching Licensure

This plan permits students to earn both the master’s degree in history and secondary teacher licensure. Students complete the 30 credit hours in history and thereafter complete the 37 credit hours in the School of Education and Human Development’s Initial Professional Teacher Education (IPTE) program. Up to 17 history hours and IPTE hours are eligible for cross-credit.

In addition to the following, students pursuing this option must meet all the general requirements for the M.A. in History.

course requirements: 30 total credit hours

No thesis is required in this option.

Required Course -- 3 credit hours

HIST 6013 Historiography

Major Field -- 12 credit hours

Select one of the following fields as a major (i.e. specialty) and earn a mimimum of 12 credit hours (typically 4 courses) in that single field:

  • The United States
  • Modern Europe
  • Modern Britian
  • Latin America
  • Gender
  • Science, Technology and Medicine
  • Public History
  • Intellectual

Minor Field -- 9 credit hours

Candidates must select a minor field and earn at least 9 hours of course work in that area. Minor fields can be chosen from the list above (excepting the major field) OR candidates may choose a minor outside the Department of History, with their advisor's approval, from the following subjects: economics, political science, psychology, sociology, anthropology, geography, philosophy, literature, art history, architecture, planning, or education.

Curriculum and Methods Course Work -- 6 credit hours

The following courses satisfy requirements for both the History M.A. and the Secondary Teacher Licensure:

  • HIST 5464 Thoughtful Inquiry in Teaching Social Studies: Culture, People and Change (3 credit hours)
  • HIST 5465 Thoughtful Inquiry in Teaching Social Studies: Power, Technology and Society (3 credit hours)