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Master of Arts in History

Requirements for the MA in History for Students Entering before Fall 2009

Candidates for the MA in History must satisfy the requirements for one of the five degree plans. Each candidate must also adhere to the following general requirements.

College Graduate Policies

All history MA students are subject to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences policies related to graduate study. These policies cover such topics as:

  • transfer credit from other institutions
  • changing degree programs
  • time limits on degree completion
  • incomplete grades

Please consult the printed catalog in effect the year you were accepted to the program for specifics.

Comprehensive Exams

All plans require a comprehensive examination in the major and minor fields after the completion of the course work. Each graduate student, in consultation with the major advisor, is responsible for assembling an examining committee, normally consisting of three persons.

Grade Requirements

No grade lower than B− (2.7) in history courses will count toward the completion of the coursework for the master's degree.

Independent Study and/or Internships

Candidates may register for up to six hours of HIST 6840, Independent Study, or internships. In special circumstances, with consent of the major advisor, candidates may register for up to nine hours of independent study or internships. Additional independent study or internships must be approved by the graduate advisor upon the advice of the major advisor.

Degree Tracking Responsibility

Although faculty will provide reasonable guidance, it is up to students to monitor their own progress through the program in consultation with the major advisor; this includes knowledge and understanding of application and graduation deadlines, degree requirements, thesis guidelines, etc.

Foreign Language Proficiency (if appropriate)

Candidates working in the area of study involving the use of a foreign language may be required by their major advisor to demonstrate proficiency in that language.