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Admission Requirements

MA Admission Requirements
  • In addition to the general admission requirements of the Graduate School, the Department of History requires an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.25.
  • All applicants to the history program must take the GRE. GRE scores form a part of the department's consideration of students' qualifications.
  • Applicants are required to submit a sample of written work, usually a term paper or project of similar length.
  • All applications must include three letters of recommendation, preferably from college or university faculty, or school administrators.
  • Applicants should address any gaps, weaknesses or special circumstances in their academic records in the statement of purpose portion of the application. In special circumstances, the department may modify its admission standards.

Application Deadlines

The Department of History has a deadline for applications of April 1 for Fall admission and Oct. 1 for Spring admission.  A Graduate Committee comprised of the Graduate Advisor and faculty representing fields in U.S., European, Global, and Public History oversees the admission process.

Graduate School Policies

All History MA students are subject to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences policies related to graduate study, as well as to all relevant university policies. These policies cover such topics as time limits on degree completion, changing degree programs, incomplete grades, and more. Students should consult the printed catalog in effect the year they were accepted to the program for specifics.

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Transfer Credits

With approval from the Graduate Advisor and the appropriate faculty, students may transfer nine credits accrued before enrollment in the UCD MA History degree program, provided that they earned a grade of B+ or better in each of the courses for which they seek transfer credit. Students must submit a syllabus for each course for which they would like credit, and faculty may require students to complete additional assignments to meet the expectations of the department. The department will not accept transfer of courses comparable to the Introduction to the Professional Study of History.

Residency Requirements

The History Department requires a residency of at least one academic year for the degree.