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BA with Public History Courses

Public History & Preservation Speciality

BA with Public History Courses


Undergraduate Work 

Undergraduate students are welcome in Public History courses to explore academic and career possiblities in this fast growing field.  Students should consult with their major advisor and a member of the Public History faculty on how to best to incorporate Public History courses in their history degree program.

Undergraduate students considering a career in public history are welcome to take any public history courses, especially the following three:

  • HIST 4234, Introduction to Public History
  • HIST 4232, Historic Preservation
  • HIST 4231, History in Museums


UC Denver's History Department offers Public History undergraduate courses and as a major or minor field of the Master's Program.  An eighteen-hour Graduate Certificate in Historoic Preservation, offered in conjuction with the UC Denver's College of Architecture and Planning, allows students a more intersive concentration in Historic Preservation. Whether or not students focus on public history as undergraduates, they are welcome to apply to the MA graduate program in history where a major and a minor in public history are offered.

For further information, inquiries should be addressed to the Director of Public History and Preservation, Tom Noel, at 303-556-2044 or