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Department of History

Campus Box:
Campus Box 182, P.O. Box 173364,
Denver, CO 80217-3364
Physical location:
Auraria Campus, King Center,
855 Lawrence Street, Room 562
Phone:(303) 556-4830
Fax:(303) 556-6037


Department of History

The special responsibility of historical studies is to help individuals and communities understand the past. History courses integrate many branches of knowledge, cutting across the lines of the social sciences and the humanities, and even the natural sciences. Identifying forces of stability and processes of change, history students develop research, writing and analytical skills, which serve them well beyond their university years. The study of history builds confidence for making judgments in many fields of human endeavor and provides insight into current social, political, economic and cultural issues.

The following links will introduce you to the ways that historical studies are made available to graduate and undergraduate students at the Downtown Campus.

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News and Events

IMG_3062.JPGDr. Hunt's Museum Interpretation class got some real world experience designing the latest exhibit, "All Who Need Aid," at the Molly Brown House Museum.  The exhibit will run through May 16th.  More info here:

Oh, and look who stopped by to check it out!  None other than Molly Brown herself!