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Professor Myra Rich, Department Chair

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My original interest were the American colonies and the era of the War of Independence and the Constitution.  In more recent years I have also developed field in US women's history and immigration and ethnicity. My current research projects reflect this evolution:  Sumptuary laws as they reflected consensus about the proper role of government at the end of the 18th century' and the origins of the birth control movement in the early 20th century Rocky Mountain West.

Contact Information:

You can reach Professor Rich by email at:
or by telephone at

Professor Rich's fields of interest include:

US Colonial History
Revolutionary War History
Early Republic Immigration
Women's History

Professor Rich's publications include:

The History of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (1995)

"Elizabeth Hamilton"[Dictionary and Literacy Biography, 1989]

"Prudence or Tyranny:The Role of Virginia's State Government During the American Revolution " Social Science Journal (October, 1980)