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Graduate Periodical

Graduate Periodical

The Graduate Periodical in Health & Behavioral Sciences is an online publication of working papers written by upper level HBS students. This periodical gives students in the department a venue to share their work and interests and receive feedback from peers. In addition, the periodical provides student reviewers experience engaging in academic peer reviews.  Each submission is reviewed by three HBS students or recent graduates, and one faculty member.

Fall/Winter 2010-2011.  The 2010-2011 edition of the Graduate Periodical in Health and Behavioral Sciences again demonstrates the diversity of HBS graduate student work. In this issue, papers address the changing paradigms of cancer survivorship and the discourses about amphetamine use that are contained in popular fictional media.

  • Jones_Cancer Survivorship: A Dynamic Paradigm 2010-2011
  • Fall 2009.  The first edition of the Graduate Periodical in Health and Behavioral Sciences serves as an excellent example of the diversity of interests held by the department's doctoral students. The working papers below cover topics from how to measure sexual relationship power in Malawi, to elucidating the predictors of use of public bike sharing systems in the U.S., to analysis of statewide health coverage in Massachusetts and Vermont and how these can serve as blueprints for other state and even national level programs.

As you read these papers, we urge you to keep in mind that they are working papers students intend to continue to revise in order to submit them for publication. Your feedback, comments, and questions are welcome and appreciated! Author contact information is available on the title pages.

For submission information, please email Karen Hampanda.