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Student Profiles

Ph.D. Program in Health and Behavioral Sciences

​Our students pursue research on a diverse range of health topics, both locally and globally, using a social lens to critically address the complex issues surroundding health.  With faculty guidance, students learn to design clear and effective research proposals to conduct innovative projects that contribute significantly to the field.  See what some of our students are up to in our featured student profiles below.

Amy Conroy, PhD candidate

With a two year pre-doctoral fellowship from the National Institute for Mental Health, Amy Conroy will travel to Malawi this fall to research how power dynamics within couples impact whether or not they get tested for HIV or openly disclose HIV test results to each other. 

Brooke Dorsey, PhD candidate

After an 18-month stint as a soldier in Afghanistan, Brooke Dorsey, a Health and Behavioral Sciences PhD candidate, pursued a career as an academic researcher, now focusing on health disparities among different socioeconomic populations.

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