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Bachelor of Science in Public Health

BS Degree Requirements

BS Requirements

A Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health requires 32 core credit hours, 26 of which are Public Health core classes and six electives in other CLAS departments. The BS also requires 29 units of ancillary classes (see below). In addition, the BS includes required Public Health BS classes that are within the campus-wide and CLAS core curriculum undergraduate requirements (these are listed below). Because student exposure to other disciplines is important, the six required credit hours in other departments are just as important pedagogically as the credit hours within the program, even though they are housed in other departments. Elective courses must be completed with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (F's will not be averaged in). Only pre-approved electives​ can be taken as electives for Public Health degrees. Core classes are listed below and consist of requirements for the BS Public Health degree, for the UCD campus, as well as for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. These classes must be completed with a grade of C (2.0) or better in each individual course. Remaining credit hours are filled with Public Health electives, which are listed in Appendix A. To be eligible to graduate with honors in Public Health, Public Health majors must have an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher, a Public Health GPA of 3.75 or higher, and complete the honors section of the Capstone Field Experience course. 


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Table 1: Required Classes for Majors in Bachelor of Science Public Health Program

Credit Hours Courses
26 credits 
 Required core classes 
4 PBHL 2001, Introduction to Public Health
*Prerequisite for other PBHL courses
4 PBHL 3001, Introduction to Epidemiology
* Highly recommended prerequisite: College Algebra
3 PBHL 2020, Environmental Health
3 PBHL 3030, Health Policy
3​ PBHL 3070, Global Perspectives in Health​
3 PBHL 4040, Social Determinants of Health
3​ PBHL 4099, Capstone Experience in Public Health​
3 Statistics, which can be fulfilled by any one of the following classes:
MATH 2830, Introductory Statistics​
SOC 3115Quantitative Methods & Analysis (note: has Math prereq)
PSY 2090, Statistics and Research Methods (prereq: PSY 1000)
Electives -
6 credits

BS requires six credits from list from pre-approved electives list​ or alternative classes approved by Director.  At least three credits must be from a PBHL class.

Table 2: Required BS Public Health Classes within Campus-Wide and CLAS Core Curriculum Undergraduate Requirements

Core Curriculum Campus-wide reqs. (hours) Additional CLAS reqs. (hours) Required classes in Public Health that fulfill campus-wide/CLAS core curriculum
Intellectual Competencies      
English & Math 9-10 0 MATH 1401-4
Communicative Skills 0 3  
Knowledge Areas      
Biological & Physical Sciences, Mathematics 7-10 3-4 General Biology I and II with labs
BIOL 2051-3 and BIOL 2071-1 
BIOL 2061-3 and BIOL 2081-1 

Arts 3    
Humanities 3 3  
Behavioral & Social Sciences 6 6  
Cultural Diversity 3    
International Perspectives 3    

Table 3: Required Ancillary Classes for BS Degree: Students in Public Health BS Must Complete These Courses, 29 Hours

Credit Hours Courses
9 General Chemistry I and II with labs
CHEM 2031-3 and CHEM 2038-1
CHEM 2061-3 and CHEM 2068-2
10 Organic Chemistry I and II with labs
CHEM 3411-4 and CHEM 3418-1
CHEM 3421-4 and CHEM 3428-1
10 College Physics I and II with labs
PHYS 2010-3 and PHYS 2030-2
PHYS 2020-3 and PHYS 2040-2

Sample Curriculum for BS in Public Health

Semester I: 15 credit hours Semester II: 16 credit hours
3 hrs English campus core 3 hrs English campus core
3 hrs Behavioral/Social Science campus core 3 hrs Behavioral/Social Science campus core
4 hrs CHEM 2031-3 and CHEM 2038-1 5 hrs CHEM 2061-3 and CHEM 2068-2
5 hrs PHYS 2010-3 and PHYS 2030-2 5 hrs PHYS 2020-3 and PHYS 2040-2
Semester III: 17 credit hours Semester IV: 15 credit hours
5 hrs CHEM 3411-4 and CHEM 3418-1 5 hrs CHEM 3421-4 and CHEM 3428-1
4 hrs BIOL 2051-3 and BIOL 2071-1 4 hrs BIOL 2061-3 and BIOL 2081-1
4 hrs PBHL 2001 3 hrs PBHL 2020
4 hrs MATH 1401 3 hrs Communicative Skills CLAS core
Semester V: 16 credit hours Semester VI: 16 credit hours
3 hrs Arts campus core 3 hrs PBHL 3030
4 hrs PBHL 3001 3 hrs International Perspectives campus core
3 hrs Cultural Diversity campus core 3 hrs Humanities campus core
3 hrs approved Statistics class 3 hrs Elective
3 hrs Elective 4 hrs Elective
Semester VII: 15 credit hours Semester VIII: 12 credit hours
3 hrs Elective from Public Health list 3 hrs Elective from Public Health list
3 hrs PBHL 3070 3 hrs Humanities CLAS core
3 hrs PBHL 4040 ​
3 hrs PBHL 4099
3 hrs Social Sciences CLAS core 3 hrs Elective
3 hrs Behavioral Sciences CLAS core