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Faculty & Staff Directory

Stacey McKenna, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor 

Curriculum Vitae​

Email: Stacey McKenna
Office Location: Administration Building 280
Phone: (303) 556-4300
Fax: (303) 556-8501
Office hours: By appointment
Areas of Expertise:​ Medical anthropology, qualitative methods, media/discourse analysis ​

Ph.D., Health & Behavioral Sciences, University of Colorado Denver, 2012

M.A., Anthropology, Case Western Reserve University, 2007 

B.A., Anthropology, University of California Los Angeles, 2001

A medical anthropologist by training, I apply and integrate ethnographic, social network, and discourse-related approaches to elucidate the intersection of culture, social structure, lived experiences and subjectivities of individuals. My research thus far has focused on structural vulnerability (e.g., illicit drug use and homelessness), addiction and "risk" in small urban and rural communities. I am also interested in the study of human-animal interactions, and "functional" and "enhancement"-related drug use. I am currently a co-investigator (Steven Koester, PI) on an NIH funded study of methamphetamine users’ drug acquisition and survival strategies in Northern Colorado and am the blog master for the Society for Medical Anthropology's Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco Study Group. 


McKenna, Stacey A. “The meth factor”: Group membership, information management, and the navigation of stigma. Contemporary Drug Problems. (In press)

McKenna, Stacey A. “We’re supposed to be asleep?”: Vigilance, paranoia and the alert methamphetamine user. Anthropology of Consciousness. (In press, for Fall 2013)

McKenna, Stacey A. and Main, Deborah S. The role and influence of informants in community-engaged research: A critical perspective. Action Research, (0)0: 1-12.           



McKenna, Stacey, Iwasaki, Patricia, Stewart, Tracey and Main, Deborah. Key informants and community members in community-based participatory research: One is not like the other. Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action, 5(4): 387-397.

McKenna, Stacey A. Maintaining class, producing gender: Enhancement discourses about amphetamine in entertainment media. International Journal of Drug Policy, 22(6): 455-462.

McKenna, Stacey A. Reproducing hegemony: The culture of enhancement and discourses of amphetamines in popular fiction. Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry, 35: 90-97.