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Tourism to Shadowed Pasts: Sand Creek, Ludlow, Camp Amache

Heritage Tourism


The research focuses on three heritage sites in Southern and Southeastern Colorado: the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site (historic events: military attack on a peaceful Southern Cheyenne and Arapaho camp on November 29, 1864), the Ludlow Tent Colony Site National Historic Landmark (historic events: conflicts and fatalities during the 1913-1914 coal mining strike), and the Granada Relocation Center National Historic Landmark (historic events: internment of about 10,000 Japanese Americans at Camp Amache 1942-45). Common to all three sites is a delayed recognition of the historic events that occurred there. The heritage tourism studies include an analysis of the past and current management practices at these sites as well as an examination of an increasing connectedness with other prominent tourism attractions of the region and their inclusion in local and regional heritage tourism plans.