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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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Minor in Urban and Regional Planning

(15 credit hours)

Urban & Regional Planning

Advisors: Gregory Simon & Amanda Weaver​

The Undergraduate Planning Minor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences would provide non-geography undergraduate students in CLAS at UC Denver the opportunity to pursue studies in the professional field of planning. Geography majors are able to pursue the Urban Studies Option and so this minor would not be available to these majors. In a sense, the relationship between the Urban and Regional Studies Minor and the Urban Studies Option within Geography would be similar to the Geography Minor and a Geography Major. The same set of classes cannot count for a major and a minor degree.

Geography and urban and regional planning share a common concern for the spatial configuration of the places that we inhabit and enjoy. In recognition of this close association, there is currently an articulation agreement between the Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences and the College of Architecture and Planning that provides students with a mechanism for acceleration through the Masters in Urban and Regional Planning degree program if accepted into it. Those students completing the requirements for an Undergraduate Planning Minor may also be eligible to pursue an accelerated MURP degree.


To meet the requirements for this minor, students must complete three core requirements and two electives, totaling 15 credit hours. Although the three core courses may be taken in any order, it is advisable to begin with Introduction to Human Geography, since this course familiarizes students with many key concepts used in the other classes. All core courses are offered on a yearly basis.

Core Requirements (nine hours) 
GEOG 1602, Introduction to Urban Studies
GEOG 4640, Urban Geography: Denver and the US
URPL 5000, Planning History and Theory

Two Electives from the Following Courses (six hours) 
GEOG 4000/URPL 5010, Planning Methods
GEOG 4085-3, GIS Applications
GEOG 4630, 5630/URPL 6550, Transportation Planning and Policy
GEOG 4940-3, Senior Seminar: Overview of the Planning Process
URPL 5030, The Planning Profession
URPL 6300, Planning for Healthy Communities

Performance Requirements

Students must complete 15 credit hours in geography and/or planning. Because of the professional nature of this minor and the potential for fast-tracking in the MURP program, 12 credit hours of upper division are required. Students must achieve a grade of C (2.0) or above in required courses. All upper division courses must be completed at UC Denver and a minimum of nine credits must be completed in CLAS (Geography) to satisfy residency.