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Bachelor of Science


Students must declare a major by the time they have completed 60 semester hours of course work. The Geography Program (within the Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences) offers a BA degree program that includes a full range of courses in the fundamentals of geography, taught mainly by full-time faculty.

The program is designed to provide the student interested in economic, physical or social geography with the background necessary for obtaining a rewarding career in government (federal, state, local) or private industry, as well as preparing students for graduate work.

Degree options are available for the major in geography: 

  • Option 1, General Geography (36 credit hours), gives majors a broad background in geography.

  • Option 2, Environmental Science (EnvS) (40 credit hours), allows geography majors to concentrate on coursework in environmental science.  

  • Option 3, Environmental Studies (40 credit hours), gives geography majors the opportunity to concentrate on the topic of human-environmental interaction, emphasizing policy and social issues.

  • Option 4, Urban Studies (39 credit hours), allows geography majors to concentrate on social and spatial aspects of metropolitan growth and change. Students are given the opportunity to take advanced planning courses in their junior and senior years.