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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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BA Degree Option 4: Urban Studies and Planning

(39 hours)

Urban Studies

Advisors: Gregory Simon & Amanda Weaver​

Required of all Option 4 majors (21 hours)
Lower Division
GEOG 1202, Introduction to Physical Geography
GEOG 1302, Introduction to Human Geography
GEOG 1602, Urban Studies and Planning
GEOG 2080, Introduction to Mapping and Map Analysis (formerly GEOG 3080)
Upper Division
GEOG 3232, Weather and Climate
GEOG 3411, Globalization and Regional Development
GEOG 4080, Introduction to GIS

Additional Requirements: Students enrolled in Option 4 must complete SIX additional courses, including at least one course from each of the following subfields (18 hours):

A. Urban Studies (6 hours)
Both of the following:
GEOG 4640/5640, Urban Geography: Denver and the U.S.
GEOG 4680/5680, Urban Sustainability: Perspectives and Practice

Urban Planning (6 hours), TWO courses from the following list:
GEOG 4000/URPL 5010, Planning Methods 
GEOG 4220,5220/URPL 6651, Environmental Impact Assessment
GEOG 4230/5230, Hazard Mitigation & Vulnerability Assessment
GEOG 4260/5260/URPL 6653, Energy and Natural Resources Planning
GEOG 4265/5265, Sustainability in Resource Management
GEOG 4400/5400/URPL 6671, Regional Economic Systems 
GEOG 4630,5630/URPL 6673, Transportation and Land Use
GEOG 4670,5670/URPL 6674, Transportation Planning and Policy 
GEOG 4710/5710, Disasters, Climate Change, and Health
URPL 5000, Planning History and Theory
URPL 6300, Planning for Healthy Communities

B. Techniques for Urban Analysis (3 hours), ONE from the following:
GEOG 4060/5060, Remote Sensing I: Introduction to Environmental Remote Sensing
GEOG 4070/5070, Remote Sensing II: Advanced Remote Sensing
GEOG 4081/5081, Cartography and Computer Mapping
GEOG 4085/5085, GIS Applications for the Urban Environment
GEOG 4090/5090, Environmental Modeling with GIS
GEOG 4091/5091, Open Source Software for Geospatial Applications​
GEOG 4092/5092: GIS Programming and Automation​​
GEOG 4095/5095, Deploying GIS Functionality on the Web
GEOG 4235/5235, GIS Applications in the Health Sciences

C. Community/Professional Experience (optional but highly recommended)
GEOG 3939, Cooperative Education Internship
GEOG 4995/5995, Travel Study